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2500W Cannon Pro, ATX 3.1 Designs, 12V-2×6 Connectors

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FSP’s 2024 PSU roadmap has been revealed and showcases a range of next-gen designs with up to 2500W delivery, 12V-2×6 connectors in ATX 3.1 flavors & more.

FSP Has Several New PSU Designs Planned For 2024 To Support Next-Gen Hardware: Up To 2500W, ATX 3.1, 12V-2×6 Connectors

At the EHA Tech Tour 2023, FPS showcased a range of products, starting with the company’s retail PC products in 2023, which featured new different lineups, designed to target multiple consumer segments. FSP reveals that the company is planning to reshape its product portfolio, with different naming conventions depending on the power wattage categories. According to Geeknetic who have managed to obtain more data on the upcoming lineup, we will be looking at the following product families from the PSU marker:

  • 80 PLUS White “W”
  • 80 PLUS Bronze “B”
  • 80 PLUS Silver “S”
  • 80 PLUS Gold “G”
  • 80 PLUS Platinum “P”
  • 80 PLUS Titanium “T”

These PSUs will come in “D” (Non-Modular), “S” (Semi-Modular), and “M” Fully Modular designs. So let’s say we have the new MEGA PM product, based on the naming scheme, it will be a Platinum 80 Plus rated design with a Fully modular wiring system. The company will further divide its PSU lines into different categories as listed below:

  • MEGA – High-End
  • DAGGER – High-End
  • ADVAN – Mainstream
  • VITA – Entry-Level

FSP 2024 PSU Family (Image Source Geeknetic):

Image Source Geeknetic

The entry-level PSUs will now come with the “VITA” branding, specifically the VITA GM, VITA GD, and VITA BD. These PSUs will range from 550 to 1000W with 80 Plus Bronze and 80 Plus Gold designs. Moving on to the mainstream segment, they are now featuring the “ADVAN” naming, divided into the ADVAN PM, ADVAN GM, ADVAN BD+, and ADVAN BD. These PSUs will range from 450 to 1000W and come in 80 Plus Platinum, Gold, and Bronze designs.

In the end, for the higher-end segment, we will get the “MEGA” branding, which was previously highlighted in one of our coverages as well, and might feature the GaN technology as well.  The high-end lineup will get 850W-1650W designs rated at 80 Plus Titanium, Platinum & Gold. FSP will also release specific models under the “DAGGER” category with up to 1000W ratings (we recently looked at the 850W SFX design).

While the company has showcased several models at the event, we will specifically pinpoint the FSP CANNON PRO, which is one of its types of power supply, designed to output up to 2500W of power. It is a massive unit, coming at 150 x 200 x 86mm, and is targeted towards Edge Computing, Server, and Workstation systems. It has 80 PLUS PLATINUM 230V EU efficiency, houses two PCIe Gen 5.0 connectors, and comes in an extended ATX form factor, making it ideal for systems that are held back due to their high power consumption.

The power supply could potentially support up to four NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards with a rated TGP of up to 450W. We took a look at FSP’s Cannon Pro during our visit to Computex 2023, and it was surely a sight to see.

FSP’s product lineup going into 2024 is going to be an interesting one, since not only has the company made its naming convention much easier to distinguish, but the upcoming products will now feature enhanced performance as well. Other highlights include the switch to the newer ATX 3.1 standard and the addition of PCIe CEM5 (12V-2×6) connectors which are an update to the ATX 3.0 12VHPWR designs and come with several updates to fix the issues encountered in the original design. Expect more information from FSP in the coming months.

News Source: Geeknetic

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