Adobe Created an Amazon Alexa Skill that Can Help You Out of that Creative Rut

Adobe has just revealed the “first-ever Amazon Alexa Skill aimed at creative burnout.” It’s called the Adobe Inspiration Engine, and it’s aimed at artists, photographers and other creatives who have fallen into a rut and need a little boost to get those creative juices flowing.

The skill works with any Alexa enabled device, including the Alexa app on your phone, so you don’t have to own a Firestick or Amazon Echo device. Once installed, the skill is triggered by simply saying “Hey Alexa, open the Adobe Inspiration Engine.”

From there, you’re presented with four options:

  • Quick Insight: Alexa will read you a quote or “insightful sentence” from famous creatives like Jessica Walsh or Pascal Campion.
  • Exercises: Talented influencers like Elise Swopes guide you through creative rut-busting activities.
  • My Creative Type: Alexa will help you figure out your personal “creative type” by having you answer a series of questions that aim to figure out how your mind works.
  • Visual Inspiration: If you own an Alexa-compatible screen device or Firestick, this option pops up some inspiring imagery from Adobe’s Behance community.

Here are a couple of sample videos that show the skills in action:

“The Adobe Inspiration Engine is built for anyone who needs a jolt of creativity,” writes Adobe on the brand’s blog, “from professional artists and designers staring at an empty page, canvas or artboard for too long, to someone who needs more than a coffee to get their day started.”

The Adobe Inspiration Engine skill is free and available today to Amazon Alexa users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Click here or just say “Hey Alexa, enable the Adobe Inspiration Engine” to install. Whether or not an inspirational quote or creative exercise will actually help you get out of that creative rut is… up for debate. But if you have an Alexa device or you’re willing to download the app, it can’t hurt to try.

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