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Akasa Turns Intel NUC 13 Pro “Arena Canyon” Fanless With New Premium Casing, Copper Cooling For AMD Ryzen

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Akasa has introduced two brand new fanless PC chassis designs for Intel NUC 13 Pro “Arena Canyon” & AMD Ryzen Mini PCs.

Fanless Intel & AMD PC Chassis Designs Showcased By Akasa, Copper Cooling & More

Akasa had its brand new premium fanless case for Intel’s NUC 13 Pro “Arena Canyon” on display at Computex. This design is a full-on aluminum design that features dual 8mm heat pipes and will be supporting the 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs (up to Core i7-1370PE). The Arena Canyon NUCs are out for a while now and these 4×4 designs come in 15-28W flavors with TDPs of up to 45-54W so Akasa has the thermal load covered with its new chassis.

As for the other two designs, Akasa also showcased a similar Premium Fanless case for both Intel and AMD Mini-ITX platforms. This chassis design features four heat pipes and comes with a socket design that universally fits both AMD and Intel. This chassis will be part of the Maxwell Pro series or the same chassis series as the one for the Arena Canyon NUC 13 Pro.

There’s also the more unique Turing Pro series fanless chassis design which is designed for Intel NUC or ASUS Mini PCs with AMD Ryzen CPUs. Intel’s NUC 13 Pro “Arena Canyon” is fully supported while the ASUS PN53 Mini PC comes with either choice of AMD Ryzen 7000 (Phoenix) or the Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt) APUs.

This PC design is perfect for a standard use case environment and can be tilted horizontally or vertically with enough room for ventilation to pass through. There’s a standard aluminum version of the case and a more high-end copper variant which we were shown with four heat pipes.


Akasa hasn’t revealed the pricing or availability of these fanless PC cases yet but expect to see more information in the coming months.

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