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Alan Wake 2 GeForce Game Ready Driver Released by NVIDIA

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NVIDIA has just released a new Game Ready driver (version 545.92) for its GeForce graphics cards, optimized for Alan Wake 2 and Ghostrunner 2.

Remedy’s game is easily the main reason for users to update right away. Due to launch tomorrow on PC (and consoles), Alan Wake 2 had its review embargo expire earlier today. The survival horror sequel earned a 9 out of 10 score from Francesco De Meo:

The wait for Alan Wake 2 has been excruciatingly long, but it was totally worth it. Setting aside some minor issues, the second entry in the series is not only an amazing sequel but also one of the best games released by Remedy Entertainment and one of the best survival horror games ever made.

With its excellent trippy horror story, memorable characters, amazing atmosphere, and some of the best visuals in gaming to date, Alan Wake II is a game like few others and Remedy Entertainment’s best. It took 13 years for the acclaimed writer to come back, but the long wait was worth it. We could have hardly wished for a better sequel, despite the derivative survival horror gameplay holding the experience back a bit.

We’ve also got detailed PC performance impressions from Hardware’s Hassan:

I know I have said it before, but Path Tracing in games is the future and NVIDIA working with game devs to make it a reality is an absolutely fantastic thing for PC gaming. But we also have to address that Path Tracing can be a GPU-killer. Even a 4090 needs Frame-Gen & Ray Reconstruction to get a smooth framerate at 4K with everything maxed out. Despite that, Alan Wake 2 is a visual delight & still looks great without Ray Tracing or running on the lower RT presets, but Path Tracing really is that extra touch of sweetness that every gamer is eying for.

Other than delivering day-one optimization for Alan Wake 2 (which should soon join NVIDIA’s cloud library despite not being included in today’s list of new games), GeForce Game Ready driver 545.92 also supports Ghostrunner 2. The game is out today and surprisingly features NVIDIA DLSS 3 (Frame Generation) support, whereas previous communications only mentioned NVIDIA DLSS 2 (Super Resolution). Moreover, the following three games now support GeForce Experience’s automatic settings optimization:

  • Alan Wake 2
  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • Lords of the Fallen

Last but not least, the official driver release notes also confirm at least one major gaming-related bug has been fixed:

[VR] Desktop colors turn overexposed after closing VR app.

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