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AMD Athlon 3000G, A 14nm Dual-Core CPU, Gets New Packaging & Continues To Live On In 2023

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AMD seems to have refreshed the Athlon 3000G CPU, a four-year-old dual-core chip based on 14nm technology, with new box packaging.

AMD Gives Athlon 3000G A Fresh Coat of Paint With New Box Package, 14nm Dual-Core Alive & Well In 2023

Based on images published by Hoang Anh Phu, it looks like Team Red has decided to give a new life to its old Athlon SKUs to cater to the entry-level segment. In terms of specifications, the CPU comes with a 2-core & 4-thread configuration which is based on the first-gen Zen core architecture.

in terms of performance, you won’t be getting much out of the AMD Athlon 3000G compared to current-gen options as most applications aren’t optimized for quad-core chips, let alone dual-core parts. With a base clock of just 3.5 GHz, and 5 MB of cache, the Athlon 3000G doesn’t seem like a great choice but for low-level office use and HTPC solutions, the chip might still offer some uses. It does pack a Radeon Vega 3 GPU with 3 Compute units (192 cores) operating at 1100 MHz so that is definitely something that can be of us. Plus, the chip works with entry-level AM4 motherboards as it features a 35W TDP.

Image Source: Hoang Anh Phu

The “repackaged” AMD Athlon 3000G CPU isn’t entirely the same, as according to reports, the newer SKUs feature a new die named the Dali, which replaces the Raven Ridge in previous Athlon 3000G units. The change in die doesn’t bring any sort of performance improvement onboard, and it is only targeted towards Windows 11 support. The new Athlon 3000G models will come with the “YD3000C6FHSBX” product OPN code, hence you should be careful since Raven Ridge variants are being sold online as well. The successor to Dali is what we know as Medocino which serves the low-end laptop segment under the Ryzen 7020 series.

Moreover, the AMD Athlon 3000G CPU will now feature an “improved” Wraith Stealth cooler as well, which is beneficial for both consumers and the company itself since it will not only provide better cooling performance, but it would make it easier for AMD to ship “higher volumes” of the processor, as the box packaging is now comparable to other CPUs within the company’s portfolio. AMD has added a bit of a “fancy” touch with the new packaging, which exhibits a vibe that the product is current-gen but back of the box lies a much older piece of hardware.

The chip being an entry-level SKU had an MSRP for $49.99 US but it is listed for $84.99 US at Newegg and $64.99 US at Amazon. It is likely that the pricing will see more unification once the newer variant hits retail.

News Source: Hoang Anh Phu

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