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Ampere teams with Scaleway for cloud-based Arm instances

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Arm cloud servers are making moves in the fight for AI in the cloud.

First came Amazon Web Services with its homebrewed Graviton 4 chip, a custom Arm processor used in AWS AI services. The latest move is from Ampere Computing, the startup led by former Intel executive Renee James. Ampere has partnered with French cloud services provider Scaleway to offer cost efficient, cloud-based AI.

The two companies a few weeks ago announced availability of cost-optimized COP-Arm instances based on Ampere’s Altra family of data center processors. Scaleway is one of the largest cloud service providers in Europe and serves more than 160 countries in total.

The Ampere Altra processor is a power-efficient and high-performance alternative to traditional x86 processors designed for the cloud. Unlike x86 processors, the Altra does not use multi-threading. Instead, it opts for many cores in the package – up to 192 in the top-of-the-line product. Ampere believes that cores are more efficient than threads and better performing.

Scaleway instances are designed to support real-time AI, such as chatbots, real-time analytics, or video content analysis. The Altra is designed to excel in AI inference applications with much lower power draws than a GPU.

“Our ARM instances are meticulously crafted for energy optimization, allowing users to address computational tasks with a focus on eco-efficiency. Ideal for research simulations or financial modeling, for example, ARM instances minimize environmental impact without sacrificing the computational power essential for demanding High-Performance Computing workloads,” the company said in a statement.

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