Apple Shows Off iPhone 11 Pro Camera in Cool New ‘Experiments’ Video

Apple has released the fourth installment in its “Experiments” series, showing off the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera with a stunning series of shots on the theme of “Fire & Ice,” and then taking us behind the scenes to reveal how each scene was captured.

There are seven Experiments videos in all, but the latest might be the most captivating of the bunch. Each shot captures “elements at their most extreme,” and several of them look like they were created using CGI.

Thing is, they weren’t. As you can see in the accompanying behind-the-scenes video, all of these shots—unlike most of those “Shot on iPhone” productions that Apple releases—could be replicated by anyone with a little know-how and appropriate safety precautions:

Honestly, for as cool as the main video is, the behind the scenes reveal is much more interesting to us. Check out both videos above for a dose of inspiration, and if you enjoyed this video, you can find the full Experiments series on YouTube by clicking here.

(via 9to5Mac via DPReview)

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