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Apple warns Apple Watch owners not to use a fake or counterfeit charger

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When Apple means business it posts a support document so that its customers can read it and take whatever action they need to take. The latest support document is called “Identify authentic and certified Apple Watch chargers.” Yes, it’s a warning for Apple Watch owners explaining that they need to stay clear of chargers that are not from Apple or don’t have MFi certification from the company. 
As Apple explains, “If you use a counterfeit or uncertified charger, you could experience slow charging, repeated chimes, and reduced battery lifespan.”

In the support document, Apple explains how you can be sure that the charger you’re using on your Apple Watch is a legitimate one. First, Apple’s chargers for the Apple Watch are always white except that some include regulatory info printed on the cable. Chargers not made or certified by Apple for the Apple Watch are in different colors. To be legitimate, the charger must have one of the following model numbers printed on the cable:

  • A1570
  • A1598
  • A1647
  • A1714
  • A1768
  • A1923
  • A2055
  • A2056
  • A2086
  • A2255
  • A2256
  • A2257
  • A2458
  • A2515
  • A2652
  • A2879

When you check the manufacturer online of any authentic Apple Watch charger, it will show Apple as the manufacturer. And to check the charger, here is what you do:

  • Plug in your Apple Watch charging cable to your Mac. Select choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click General in the sidebar.
  • Click About on the Right and then click on System Report and USB. Select watch charger and look for the name of the manufacturer. 
  • Again, it needs to say Apple to be authentic.

Third-party manufacturers who are certified by Apple to produce and sell watch chargers have certain “badges” on their packaging that will say “Made for Watch” with the Apple logo before the word watch. Look out for one the following badges on the packaging of the third-party Apple Watch charger you bought. If you don’t find one of them on the packaging, return it to the place you bought it from.

One last way to check the authenticity of an Apple Watch charger, or any accessory for an Apple product really, is to click on this link and in the first field type in whether you are searching with the model number of the product, the brand, or the product’s UPC or EAN code (the latter is a 13 digit European Article Number code similar to the UPC that is used in Europe). In the second field next to the first one, type in the actual model number, brand, or UPC/EAN code.

Click the blue search button and a list of certified Apple Watch chargers (or any Apple-certified accessory for any Apple product) will appear. If the charger you are using to charge your Apple Watch is on the list, you can continue to use it. If not, it is time for you to buy an Apple Watch charger made by Apple or a certified manufacturer (pun fully intended).

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