Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen Protectors

With more processing power than an average laptop and a 64-megapixel camera, you’ll want to keep your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20 as safe as possible. After putting your hard-earned money towards a new smartphone, the last thing you want is to have your phone screen scratched or damaged because you didn’t spend $20 or less to safeguard it. These awesome new Samsung Galaxy S20 screen protectors will keep your screen safe and can even protect your communications from prying eyes.

Magglass Anti-Spy Screen Protector

For those who are interested in keeping their personal information and their screens protected, the Magglass screen protector is a great option. This cover is made of multi-layer tempered glass, keeping your sensitive data safe from prying eyes by ensuring that your screen can only be seen if you are directly in front of it. A Moh hardness rating of 9h also ensures that your screen will be protected against scratches from anything that isn’t incredibly sharp. With impact resistance, an anti-fingerprint coating, and compatibility with many protective cases, this is a great option for both protection and privacy.

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

If you need a phone screen that won’t get in the way of the front-facing camera and offers almost perfect transparency, look no further. This screen protector offers all the protection of tempered glass while ensuring full sensitivity for any touchscreen functions. 3D rounded edges also ensure that your screen protector cannot be easily peeled off by accident. You can keep your phone safe while enjoying the full visual range it has to offer.

AsBellt Screen Protector

Making sure your phone screen is protected is all well and good, but some designs can make finding a case that fits very difficult. AsBellt has gone out of its way to design a screen that is large enough to protect your phone while being small enough to give you a wide range of choices for S20 cases. The screen protector is fully covered in adhesive, which will help ensure that it stays in place and prevents air bubbles and the rainbow screen effect.

FilmHoo Screen Protector

Some phone protectors only give you the screen cover itself. FilmHoo provides an extensive installation kit that comes with a wet wipe to clean the screen, a microfiber cloth to remove dust, and detailed instructions and guide stickers to make everything easy. In addition to keeping your phone safe, this screen protector will also help you avoid eye strain and fatigue.

QITAYO Screen Protector

If you have ever struggled to figure out how to apply a stubborn screen protector, QITAYO has you covered. By scanning the included QR Code, you can instantly access a detailed instruction video that will help you apply the screen protector step-by-step. This film screen protector offers you the maximum range of protection without the added weight of tempered glass.

ESR Full-Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This screen protector will keep your phone safe while making it feel like you have nothing in the way of your view. ESR’s full coverage ensures that your screen and camera lens are protected from debris, dirt, and overall damage. The included installation kit prevents dust and bubbles from even being an issue. Capable of withstanding eleven pounds of force, this screen protector can take a beating.

Gadget Guard Black Ice+ $250 Flex Edition

Seven layers of tech engineering protect your phone from smudges, fingerprints, and damage from direct impacts. While this screen protector is the most expensive, Gadget Guard is so convinced about its product that if your phone screen happens to break with this protector installed, they’ll pay up to $250 for your repair costs. If your screen protector cracks, fails or even gets a scratch during the life of your device, Gadget Guard will send you a replacement for the cost of shipping and processing.

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