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Black Friday is here to help Google Pixel Fold buyers save big before Thanksgiving

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While Black Friday traditionally follows Thanksgiving, your holiday shopping calendar appears to have been reversed this year to give you the chance to eat your turkey in peace knowing that you’ve bought everyone their Christmas gifts without needing to sell a kidney.

Of course, if you’re thinking of getting your special someone a sophisticated Pixel Fold this year, Amazon and Best Buy’s Black Friday 2023 sales will not really help you avoid spending a small fortune. That’s because Google’s first-ever foldable device is so incredibly expensive that a massive $400 discount still leaves it costing a whopping 600 bucks more than a “conventional” Pixel 8 Pro flagship right now.
Although it’s clearly hard to justify that gap, there’s no denying that the Pixel Fold is a gorgeous and versatile phone that will enhance your productivity on the go while turning a lot of heads in the subway, on the bus, at the gym, or in your workplace. 

It also almost goes without saying that this bad boy hasn’t received this type of price cut before, going $400 off list in both its “entry-level” 256GB storage configuration and top-of-the-line 512 gig variant for Black Friday. The former model normally costs $1,799, mind you, with the latter setting you back $1,919 outside of promotional campaigns like this.

Now, is this the absolute best foldable money can buy at the time of this writing? Probably not. But at least for now, it’s cheaper than Samsung’s extremely well-reviewed Galaxy Z Fold 5, which just so happens to pack a smaller battery into an overall thicker body than the Pixel Fold
Then again, Google‘s in-house Tensor G2 chip is really no match for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in terms of raw power, so you might want to think long and hard before concluding which foldable beast is right for you this holiday season. What’s crystal clear is that the best time to buy the Pixel Fold is right now if you decide to go down that path.

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