Canon is Working on a 5D Mark V, May Arrive at the End of 2020: Report

If you’re worried that the launch of the EOS R and the creation of the RF mount meant Canon is giving up on its DSLRs entirely, we have some good news for you: it seems Canon is still planning to keep updating its DLSR lineup… for now.

A source who is familiar with the latest internal Canon camera roadmap tells Canon Rumors that there is in fact a Canon 5D Mark V in the works, in addition to the expected EOS R Mark II.

The source didn’t reveal any timing or other details, but it’s likely these cameras will share a sensor and many of the same specs. Early adopters of Canon’s full-frame mirrorless RF mount will be able to step up to the EOS R Mark II, while full-frame DSLR users who don’t want to give up their OVF or use an adapter with their EF-mount glass will get at least one more 5D upgrade.

Don’t get excited just yet though: CR doesn’t expect either camera to be officially announced until Q4 of 2020.

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