Filmmaker Tries 5 Creative and Crazy S*itty Rig Camera Hacks

Filmmaker and YouTuber Dan Mace is a big fan of the S*itty Rigs blog, where creatives share the crappiest DIY rigs they’ve ever used in order to get the shot on a budget. In his latest video, Mace tries out five of the rigs that he felt had the most potential… so you don’t have to.

The “you don’t have to” part is kind of important, because not all of these ideas—though creative—are particularly practical or safe. That said, Mace winds up capturing some pretty cool footage in the process, and driving home the point that you don’t need a crazy budget to capture creative shots.

He tries out five s*itty rigs in all:

  1. Strapping a GoPro to an RC car for smooth footage (Rating: 7/10)
  2. Putting your camera in a fish tank for “half-submerged” shots (Rating: 5/10)
  3. Using a ladder strapped to a car as a camera jib (Rating: 5/10)
  4. Strapping a GoPro to your actor using gaff tape and a tripod (Rating: 3/10)
  5. Using vapes to create a cinematic “smoke” effect (Rating: 10/10)

We can’t really recommend #3 as it’s just plain dangerous. But even if the rest are a bit ridiculous looking, they go to show that a limited budget can be often overcome by a little creative thinking… and perhaps some discomfort.

Check out the full video up top to see these “hacks” in action.

(via ISO 1200)

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