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Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen

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While it initially seemed like Final Fantasy XVI wouldn’t get any DLC, this week at The Game Awards it was announced the game will be getting a pair of story expansions, with the first, entitled “Echoes of the Fallen,” being available right now!

But how does one play this new DLC? It isn’t a simple matter of just hopping into the new content from the main menu, there are some pre-requisites. Also, how leveled up should your party be before you take on this new challenge? Don’t worry, we have the answers for you…

Warning: The following article may contain minor Final Fantasy XVI spoilers. 

In order to access the Echoes of the Fallen content, you need to have completed the “Where There’s a Will” and “Priceless” side quests from the main game. Doing so will allow Joshua and Jill to join your party full-time, even between missions. Both Where There’s a Will and Priceless can only be accessed right near the end of the main campaign, once you’ve instigated the “Back to their Origin” main story quest (the last of the campaign) but haven’t actually traveled to Origin yet.

During this window, you’ll be able to kick off the Where There’s a Will sidequest by talking to Joshua near the entrance to the Hideaway.

Once you’ve completed Where There’s a Will, you’ll be able to start the Priceless sidequest by going to the Reading Table and checking out the “Concerned for Jill” message.

If you can’t access either Where there’s a Will or Priceless, you might not have completed the prerequisite sidequests. In order to access Where There’s a Will, you need to have completed “Phoenix, Heal Thyself” and in order to access Priceless you need to have completed “Cut From the Cloth.”

Okay! So, if you’ve completed Where There’s a Will and Priceless, head to Charon’s shop in the Hideaway and select Echoes of the Fallen from the menu. You can now tackle the DLC!

As for what level you need to be to tackle it, I’d suggest you’re at least somewhere in the mid-40s in terms of level. Enemies for this DLC start at level 47 and go up from there.

Final Fantasy XVI can be played on PS5. Echoes of the Fallen it out now and can be purchased for $10 a la carte or as part FF16’s $25 Expansion Pass, which also includes a second update, “The Rising Tide.” You can check out Wccftech’s other Final Fantasy XVI guides here.

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