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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Raise Torgal’s Pedigree and Maximize his Power

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Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a traditional party system, but the game does at least let you control your doggy sidekick Torgal. Your faithful hound isn’t just there to look cute, he can actually be fairly helpful in battle, so how do you maximize the pup’s power? Here’s how to get the best out of man’s best friend…


Torgal has an overall “Pedigree” level, as well as individual levels for his Normal Attack (Sic) and Launcher Attack (Ravage). The good news is you really don’t have to pay too much attention to this. Torgal will gain doggy XP as the main character Clive gains XP.  That said, Torgal will level up faster if you make use of his abilities as often as possible. Also, the ability you use more often will level up faster.

Ring of Timely Assistance

This “Timely Assistance” item automates Torgal’s attacks for those who don’t want to play doggy babysitter. The good news, is Torgal will still level up even if you’re not the one initiating his attacks. So, if you have a tendency to forget to use Torgal, but don’t want to have him fall behind, make use of this item.

That little extra bite

Speaking of equipable items, there are a couple that will further boost Torgal’s attack power, which can be unlocked via a pair of sidequests.

A Bone to Pick (Cavall’s Fang)

You can jump into this sidequest after you’ve helped out Mid as part of the mid-game Out of the Shadows main quest.

1) Check out the Reading Table in your quarters for a request from Charon.

2) Next up, talk to Harpocrates to find out where you need to go.

3) Fast travel to the Martha’s Rest Obelisk then head north and east until you come to the Cressida area.

4) Take out a group of lvl 33 Elder Antelope here and collect 5 horns.

5) Head back to Charon and get the Cavall’s Fang item.

More Than Words (Cavall’s Fang +1)

If you’ve completed A Bone to Pick, the More Than Words sidequest will become available right near the end of the main campaign.

1) Check out your Reading Table for another message about Torgal from Charon.

2) Go find Torgal in the Hideaway’s Rear Stacks. Then go find him again on the Main Deck.

3) Fast travel to Port Isolde Obelisk, then make your way toward the Cypress Docks area. You’ll find a rowboat you can interact with.

4) You’ll be taken to a location simply called “Mist.” Walk forward a short distance toward the treehouse to trigger a cutscene.

5) Follow Torgal further down the path for another cutscene to wrap up the mission.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now on PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Final Fantasy XVI guides here.

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