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FuboTV tweaks its plans again, and actually lowers one tier

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It’s pretty common to see streaming services increase prices every now and then. More rare is seeing prices go down. But that’s exactly what’s happened with one of the tiers on Fubo.

Fubo (it’s no longer called FuboTV) is one of the smaller live streaming services in the U.S., with just over 1.1 million subscribers as of mid-2023. But it’s also one of the only ones that offers more than one tier of service. And its most expensive tier has just been renamed, and has a new price to go with it.

The new Premier tier now lands at $95 a month, down about $5 from its previous iteration as the Ultimate tier. The total number of available channels also has changed a bit to 244 in all. Fifty-four of them are from the Fubo Extra contingent, with another 11 from News Plus. You’ll also get Showtime thrown in for good measure, 1,000 hours of cloud storage for recordings, and the ability to watch on pretty much as many devices as you want.

The Pro and Elite tiers remain the same at $75 and $85 a month respectively. Their channel numbers also have changed a bit, which isn’t uncommon as channels come and go from the lineups.

Fubo still has a good number of optional add-ons available, too, including MLB.TV for $25 a month, Sports Plus with NFL RedZone for $11 a month, an International Sports Plus plan at $7 a month, NBA League Pass, and more.

Fubo is available on every major streaming platform, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, smart TV platforms, and in a web browser. And don’t forget: Fubo has a free trial available.

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