Fuji X-T4 with IBIS Will Be Announced Next Month: Report

While rumors and releases of new cameras from Nikon and Canon have been swirling over the past several months, Fuji has remained relatively quiet. No more. Recent reports indicate that a replacement to the Fuji X-T3 is coming very soon, and it won’t be the only camera announced.

According to Fuji Rumors, “trusted sources” have told them that the successor to the Fuji X-T3—very likely the Fuji X-T4—will be announced in February and begin shipping in March, about half a year earlier than expected. The rumor site also claims to have triple confirmed the fact that the X-T4 will definitely feature in-body image stabilization (IBIS). This would seem to be the final nail in the Fuji X-H coffin, eliminating one of the biggest differentiators between these two product lines.

But the X-T4 isn’t the only camera that Fuji is planning to release. The Fuji X100V—the long-awaited successor to Fuji’s popular fixed-lens X100F—is also expected to arrive next month. We don’t expect a major redesign for the X100 series, but Fuji Rumors says that the camera will feature a redesigned 23mm lens, and we assume the image sensor and EVF will be updated at the very least.

According to registration information published by the ever-reliable Nokishita, both of these cameras should be announced on February 4th, so keep an eye out; with an official announcement less than a month away, we’d expect product pictures and specs to begin leaking very soon.

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