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Google Keep on Android expands text formatting support to older notes

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Google Keep is a popular note-taking app for Android, but it had long lacked some key features, such as rich text formatting. However, Google changed this a few weeks ago when it officially rolled out formatting options for the application, but with the caveat that it only worked on newly created notes.

The narrative has changed once again, because as spotted by 9to5Google, Google has now added this same functionality to older, existing notes. Previously, text formatting options were only available for new notes created in the Android app after the update that rolled out back in August.

However, in another update that appears to be server-side, the formatting options are beginning to appear in old notes as well. These options show up when you tap the A icon on the left in the toolbar just above your keyboard.

Unfortunately, this is not yet the case for the web version of Google Keep. As noted by Android Police, text formatting options are still limited to the Android app, which means you can’t bold, italicize, or underline text you type in anywhere else.
However, a workaround to this limitation is to add the formatting in another word processing application, like Google Docs, then copy and paste the text into Keep which will then preserve the formatting. Having to do this workaround, though, seems like too much of an inconvenience when this is such basic functionality. We hope Google addresses this promptly.

Regardless of this limitation that keeps this feature working within the Android app only, the update is still a welcome addition for users who rely on Google Keep to organize their notes and ideas. Text formatting can help to make notes more visually appealing and easier to read, not to mention emphasize important information or create different sections within a note.

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