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Google’s Nest Hub Smart Display is almost 50% off right now

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One of the best Google Nest deals is available at Best Buy right now with a huge $40 off the Google Nest Hub. Usually costing $100, it’s down to $60 so it works out as a sizeable discount compared to usual. An ideal addition to your smart home, the Google Nest Hub will be that smart display you’ll wonder how you lived without. If you’re keen to learn more, keep reading.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is one of the best smart displays around, particularly if you don’t need a camera built-in. At a glance, you can check out all your smart home connected devices with the hub compatible with thousands of different products. Through the hub, you can turn on lights, lock the doors, turn up the thermostat, and many other activities.

The Google Nest Hub also works with Nest video doorbells and cameras so you can simply say “Hey Google” and ask it to show you the front door camera or similar. Like Alexa, you can also use the Google Nest Hub alongside your Nest speakers so you can broadcast messages across the home as well as chat from room to room.

It even works well at night as you can place it next to your bed and it’ll track when you go to bed, when you wake up, and how long you’ve slept for. Once you wake up, you can simply ask the Google Nest Hub for weather details, the latest news, or anything else that you might wish to know.

Alternatively, place the Google Nest Hub in your kitchen and you can be guided through recipes, check the cameras elsewhere in the home, or listen to a soothing meditation exercise while you cook. Gone wrong? Don’t worry, you can even a book restaurant reservation through the Google Nest Hub.

A great companion to your smart home, the Google Nest Hub normally costs $100. Right now, you can buy it from Best Buy for $60 so it’s an excellent time to make things work more smoothly at home. The $40 saving is unlikely to last for long so check it out now before the price returns to $100 soon.

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