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GTA V Nears 200 Million as Take-Two Continues to Expect a GTA-VI-Sized Windfall in FY2025

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Today Grand Theft Auto fans got news they’ve been eagerly awaiting for a very long time, when Rockstar officially announced the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI will arrive sometime in December. Meanwhile, today also saw Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive release their latest quarterly earnings, which included a few more tidbits about what’s happening at the GTA studio.

Q2 2024, which ran from the beginning of July to the end of September, was a solid one for Take-Two, as they brought in $1.44 billion in revenue. That represents a small year-on-year decline, but is still respectable considering T2 has released very little this year, outside of their usual 2K Sports titles. Of course, one of the main drivers of T2’s business continues to be GTA V, as even with a sequel drawing near, the game is still doing very, very well. According to the latest earnings report GTA V has surpassed the 190-million-units-sold mark, meaning 200 million is likely an inevitability. Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 57 million copies (geez Rockstar, pull up your socks).  

Back on the subject of GTA VI, it seems like Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025 (which runs from the beginning of April 2024 to the end of March 2025) remains the most likely window for the massive game’s release. T2 is projecting revenue of a bit under $8 billion in FY2025, which is way above usual (by comparison, T2 is expecting revenue of $5.4 billion in FY2024). Previously, T2 was expecting to make slightly more than $8 billion in FY2025 instead of slightly less, but the fact remains, they’re still expecting a $2 to $3 billion boost in revenue next fiscal year. There aren’t many things other than GTA VI that could provide that kind of sudden windfall. For his part, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says the company will be entering “growth mode” in the years ahead…

“We’ve already gotten through the right-sizing we felt we needed to do, and we expect to be in growth mode going forward.”

What are your thoughts on all of this? Excited for GTA VI? How long until GTA V hits the 200 million mark?

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