Here’s a 2020 Celestial Calendar for Astrophotographers

If you’re getting into astrophotography, the telescope manufacturer Celestron has published a helpful “celestial calendar” to give you a heads up of notable things you’ll see in the night sky through the end of 2020.

The calendar contains events like eclipses, supermoons, and planet oppositions. Each event has a date, description, and information on where on Earth they’ll be visible from.

A detailed calendar and guide can be found on the company’s blog, but there’s also a downloadable compact poster version of the calendar that could look great on your wall.

If you’re looking for info on how to get started in photographing these things, here’s a 15-minute beginner’s guide to astrophotography, here’s a 30-minute guide to buying your first telescope, here’s an article on using a star tracker, and here’s an article on how to photograph night sky objects like Jupiter from your own backyard (for cheap).

(via Celestron via DIYP)

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