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How ServiceNow gets the most out of generative AI

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Bedi, naturally, sees value in the integration of functionality on a single platform, and says other CIOs are telling him, “I just want a platform. I want less complexity. I don’t want all those points solutions out there.”

Putting gen AI to work

ServiceNow doesn’t just sell its Now Platform to other enterprises; it uses it internally, too. As customer zero, Bedi had a head start in adopting the new generative AI features — albeit just a few weeks, given the lightning pace of developments in the field.

Still, Bedi and company have already leveraged Now Platform’s new generative AI capabilities to improve the user experience for customers and employees, enhance agent productivity, and accelerate digital transformation, he says, adding that the user experience improvements and productivity enhancements are a result of using generative AI to deliver self-service access to problem-solving tools.

“The understanding of the human intent is much more powerful, and the ability to take from a knowledge base article what you need to know and surface it right away is huge,” Bedi says of the advantage that generative AI has over previous generations of automated tools aimed at helping users triage their own problems.

When Bedi talks of enhancing “agent” productivity, he uses the term broadly to mean HR staff, IT service desk operatives, customer service agents, and sales staff, all of whom can benefit from generative AI’s ability to find answers in masses of documentation.

With one large language model (LLM), he says, “We indexed all of our go-to-market content and product documentation.” The goal? “Make a sales rep who joins Monday infinitely knowledgeable.” User adoption of tools like that is skyrocketing week by week, he says.

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