How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

Apple Watches are inherently stylish and versatile. And you may have chosen a unique watchband when you ordered yours. But what if you want to add a unique spin to the fashion statement your watch makes?

You’ll need to know how to swap bands if you want to upgrade (or change up) your Apple Watch’s appearance. You’ll need to know about strap sizing, materials, and the process for removing the existing band—and we have all the details.

Prep the surface

Before you start working on your watch, prepare a soft microfiber cover on a sturdy table to work on so you do not scratch your watch face on a hard tabletop.

Apple Watch Band set up
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Release the old band

Apple Watch band connector
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At the center of the Apple watch back, you will see two thin watchband release buttons — one at the top and the other at the bottom. Press those while at the same time moving the old strap to either side.

Removing Apple Watch straps
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Apple watch band separated
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If you look at the new band for your Apple Watch, you will see a small bit of plastic in the center. When you insert the band, this piece slides inside a small groove on either side of the watch face. After you remove the original band by pushing the band release button to slide it out, you can then slide the replacement band into place. You will hear a click to signify it is properly seated.

Apple Watch band attachment
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Remove and replace your Apple Watch band 

  • Hold the watch firmly in your hand, or place it face down on a soft cloth surface.
  • Hold down the release button on the back of your watch, and slide the band to the right or left to remove it.
  • Position your new strap properly to fit your wrist so it’s not backward or upside down. If you’re switching from a two-strap band to a loop, it may take some figuring out to get it positioned properly.
  • Slide the new band in until you hear it click.
  • Without pressing the release button, gently move the band left and right to make sure it is attached securely. It should not budge.
  • If you’re having trouble removing the band, keep pressing down on the button and try again. Some bands are easier to remove than others. Always make sure the band is fastened securely before wearing the watch again.
New Apple Watch band replacement
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Apple has a gorgeous collection of bands for its watch with a variety of designs, so the way you adjust them can vary between models. With so many straps to choose from, you can create a different look for every occasion.

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