Huge Fireball in Sky Over China Turns Night into Day

Before the advent of ultra-sensitive digital cameras, powerful photoflash bombs were once used to illuminate the world below when shooting nighttime aerial photos. Some folks over in China recently got a similar experience when a huge fireball blazed across the sky and briefly turned night into day.

The 45-second video above by CGTN (China Global Television Network) in Beijing compiles footage from several cameras (including dashcams and security cameras) that were rolling when the suspected meteorite appeared overhead in northeast China on October 11th at 12:16 a.m. Beijing Time.

Still frames from a security camera show how midnight briefly became day. Via CGTN.
Another side-by-side comparison of security camera still frames before (left) and during (right) the fireball. Via CGTN.

CCTV is reporting that scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are now looking into the incident with the help of videos that were recorded.

No word yet on if any photographers captured the unusual lighting on camera or if any had long-exposure photos ruined by the unexpected “daylight.”

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