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Instagram starts rolling out customizable Story templates

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Instagram is at it again, as the social app has launched a brand-new feature that allows its users to further customize Story templates. Starting today, Instagramers should start seeing multiple options that make it easier to create their own unique Stories via “Add Yours” templates.

The new “Add Yours” templates are easy to use and can be customized with GIFs, images, and text for a complete personalization experience. To start making your own Story, simply upload it and add whatever visual changes you think it’s suitable, including GIF, custom text, or even a picture from your phone’s gallery (via TechCrunch).

After you’re content with the results, you can tap on the “Add Yours Templates” sticker and choose whatever media elements you want to pin. These customizable templates can be shared but nothing that’s been added to them can be changed.

However, it’s possible to add to the templates on top of what’s already been included during the customization process. According to Instagram, the new feature is now rolling out globally on both Android and iOS devices, but it will take a few days for customizable “Add Yours” templates to show up for everyone, so be patient if you don’t see it in your app just yet.

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