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Intel N100 Quad E-Core CPU Gaming Benchmarks Surfaces Online, 6W Chip With Xe-LPG iGPU

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Intel Quad-Core & E-Core only N100 CPU has been tested in a variety of gaming benchmarks using its integrated Xe-LPG iGPU.

Intel N100 CPU With 4 E-Cores Provides Decent iGPU Performance at Just 6W TDP

Intel’s Alder Lake-N lineup has been here for a while, replacing the traditional Pentium & Celeron chips. The processor holds decent power, but now Team Pandory benchmarks have shown the iGPU’s performance in Intel’s N100 processor.

For those unaware, Intel’s Alder Lake-N lineup is targeted toward being a more power-efficient processor with up to eight cores based on the Gracemont microarchitecture. Previously obtained benchmarks revealed that the Intel N100 performs on par with the i5-7400. There are up to 8 E-Core variants too within the lineup.

However, our focus here will be on the integrated GPU, which features 24 execution units (EUs) and support for AV1 decode capabilities and 8K 60fps video playback due to Intel’s Xe-LP architecture.

Coming to benchmarks of the iGPU on the Intel N100, Team Pandory tested several titles at minimum settings to allow the CPU to at least give a decent experience. Ten games in total were tested, ranging from demanding titles from GTA V to DOTA 2.

The Xe-LPG iGPU as expected, performs way below average in almost all titles except for Resident Evil 5, where it managed to give a decent 70 FPS output. Other AAA titles were mostly below the 30 FPS mark, which is what you could expect given that the processor is only rated at 6W TDP with 3.4GHz max turbo.

The Intel N100 CPU benchmarks show that the processor is capable of ordinary applications; however, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of gaming. Considering the much lower power consumption, it certainly provided appreciable performance. The benchmarks were obtained on the Chuwi Gemibook XPRO with 8 GB Of DDR5 memory running at a single channel.

Intel’s Alder Lake-N lineup is aimed at low-budget consumers looking at options for a daily driver. However, it hasn’t received much attention since only a few models house the new SoCs unlike the Celeron, which gained vast interest after the release of Chromebooks.

News Source: Tom’s Hardware

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