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Last Chance to Save $400 on This Samsung 85-inch 4K TV

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Samsung is well known for its excellent smartphones and high-end TVs, so when we see a great deal on either, we get excited. In this case, this massive 85-inch CU7000 Crystal TV has a substantial $400 discount on it at Best Buy, which brings the list price down to $900 from $1,300. That might still seem like a lot of money, and it is, but if you’re looking for something that will take your home theater to the next level, then it’s well worth the asking price, so snap it up while the deal lasts.

Why you should buy the Samsung 85-inch CU7000 Crystal TV

The Samsung CU7000 is so packed with features that it’s hard to tell where to start, but we guess the best place is in the image fidelity, which is excellent and supports several different standards. What’s worth calling out in particular is both HDR 10+ and Hybrid Log-Gamma, an HDR standard used by broadcasters, especially in sports. Combining that with the massive screen size gives you the perfect screen for watching sports, especially if you’re inviting folks over to watch with you since it has some great viewing angles, too.

If you’re not a sports watcher, don’t worry, you’re covered as well, especially if you like watching older content since the CU7000 has a 4k upscaler, so you can watch that lower-resolution content with modern resolution standards. That said, keep in mind that the quality of the upscaling depends a lot on the source material, even so, it’s a nice addition to have, as is Object Tracking Sound Lite, which gives you a more three-dimensional feel to the audio. Also, if you have a Samsung soundbar or home audio system, the inclusion of Q-Symphony means that your TV can work with your Samsung speakers to add an extra speaker to your surround sound.

Overall, the Samsung Cu7000 is not only a massive TV, but it’s also packed with several features that make it a steal, even at the discounted price of $900. Even so, that may be a bit too much for some, so be sure to check out these other great TV deals, and if you’re looking specifically for Samsung TVs, there are Samsung TV deals you can check out, too.

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