Learn 20 Different Couples Poses in Under 10 Minutes

Pye Jirsa over at SLR Lounge recently teamed up with Adorama to create a helpful series of tutorials called Mastering Your Craft, and in the most recent installment, he’ll try to teach you 20+ couple’s poses in under 10 minutes.

This is actually Part II of Pye’s “foundation posing crash course.” In Part I, he covered the 5 “foundation” poses you should learn first: V-Up, Closed Pose, Open Pose, Reversed Pose, and Stacked Pose. You can learn all about those here.

In Part II, he expands these five foundational poses into a “system” that will allow you to move between 20+ variations and draw more emotion and energy from your couple in the process.

Importantly, the video isn’t just about memorizing 20 or more rote “poses” that you can have your couple move through robotically. The most valuable piece comes after your subjects have started to pose, something that becomes obvious as you watch Pye work with and direct his couple in the video.

The pose is the foundation, it gives him a great starting point, but it’s his cues and how he delivers them that leads to the best, most authentic shots.

Check out the full tutorial up top to see all of this in action, with plenty of sample images and fun little directing tips thrown in. And if you enjoyed the video, keep an eye out for more Mastering Your Craft tutorials over on SLR Lounge.

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