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Mainframe modernization gets a boost from Kyndryl, AWS collaboration

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Amazon Web Services and Kyndryl have collaborated on new services aimed at helping enterprises integrate with or move mainframe applications and data to the AWS cloud.

Under their expanded partnership, Kyndryl will now integrate its products with the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, which offers tools, infrastructure, and software to manage migration of mainframe applications to the cloud. The AWS service includes a managed runtime environment to provide compute, memory, and storage to run refactored and/or replatformed mainframe applications and helps automate the details of capacity provisioning, security, load balancing, scaling, and application-health monitoring.

For its part, Kyndryl will offer its own services on top of the AWS platform. Kyndryl’s new Cloud Native Services (KCNS) package for mainframe modernization, for example, lets customers streamline lifecycle management across their platforms and ensure consistent provisioning, backup, compliance, and monitoring for mainframe applications and infrastructure components. In addition, Kyndryl will help automate operations, track AWS runtime performance, and ensure system health, the company stated.

Both companies will offer tools to help customers integrate and manage app development, security, and operations (Dev/Sec/Ops) to help automate and streamline the mainframe modernization process, Kyndryl stated.

In addition, the partnership will enable near real-time data replication between the mainframe and AWS using Kyndryl Consult to tune and manage third-party products; this will help customers gain analytical insights from integrated data sources that customers use to address business challenges, Kyndryl stated.

The migration service will also utilize Kyndryl’s Bridge integration platform, which brings together a variety of management tools and applications that help control and manage enterprise infrastructure. Bridge also uses AI and ML to analyze the aggregated data in real time to provide IT operations teams with the intelligence and real-time visibility into operations they need to keep systems – in this case the mainframe applications – running at peak performance, Kyndryl said.

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