Manfrotto Unveils Pro Rugged Memory Cards, the ‘Toughest’ in the World

Manfrotto has jumped into the memory card market. Best known for its tripods, lighting supports, and accessories, the Italy-based brand just unveiled its new Pro Rugged line of memory cards. They’re purportedly the strongest memory cards on the market.

Sony also claims that it’s Tough line of memory cards are the strongest on the market, so photographers looking for durability will undoubtedly be comparing the specs of the two lines.

First of all, Manfrotto’s cards are available in SD, CF, and microSD formats. Sony’s are available in SD and CFExpress formats.

Both lines feature one-piece, solid molded designs that seal off internal components from the outside world by omitting connector ribs and write-protection switches — Manfrotto says its waterproof and dustproof SD/microSD cards keep liquid and foreign debris out when submerged for up to 72 hours (the CF cards aren’t waterproof).

Both SD lines are rated to withstand temperature variations of -25°C to 85°C (the Manfrotto CF card has a tolerance of 0°C to 70°C).

Manfrotto says its SD cards are 3 times stronger than ordinary SD cards and are able to endure 20kg (44lbs) of impact force (the CF cards can withstand 36kg/80lbs of force). Sony says its cards are a whopping 18 times stronger than traditional SD cards by being bend-proof to 180N.

Speed-wise, the Manfrotto SD, microSD, and CF cards are read/write speeds (in MB/s) of 280/250, 90/90, and 160/130, respectively. By comparison, the Sony Tough SD cards can do 299/300.

Pro Rugged SD cards are V90 rated and designed for 4K and 6K recording. The microSD cards are V30 rated and capable of 4K.

“Industrial strength, reliable, with unparalleled speed; Manfrotto Pro Rugged Memory Cards are the essential accessory every photographer should be carrying,” Manfrotto says. “Providing professionals with the toughest memory cards on the market, the Pro Rugged range is […] designed to ensure peak performance from your DSLR, CSC, camcorder, drone, action camera, gimbal and more!

Manfrotto Pro Rugged memory cards are now available through the brand’s website. They have retail prices of $115 for a 64GB SD, $225 for a 128GB SD, $32 for a 64GB microSD, $42 for a 128GB microSD, $80 for a 64GB CF, and $150 for a 128GB CF. The SD cards are currently being offered at 50% off.

(via Manfrotto via DIYP)

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