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Mihira AI to License Intel’s “Abandoned” Project Endgame, Led By Mastermind Raja Koduri

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Mihira AI, led by Intel’s ex-executive VP Raja Koduri, will license software from Intel’s “canceled” Project Endgame, which was originally seen as a breakthrough in the cloud services industry.

Intel’s Ex-Executive Raja Koduri Formulates His Own AI Startup, Aiming At Making Compute Power Accessible to Everyone Through Rejuvenated Project Endgame

Before we go into the crux, let’s talk about Raja Koduri’s history with Intel. He joined Intel back in 2017 as the Chief Architect for Discrete GPUs. He held the role of Vice President and Chief Architect at Intel, focusing on graphics and technical advancements for the company. His work spanned AI, graphics, and processor technology to assist with Intel’s zettascale initiatives and to advance memory and various architectures. However, he decided to part ways with Intel in March 2023, which led to the establishment of the AI startup Mihira.

While details regarding Raja Koduri’s approach to his new business were slim, we now finally have seen what has been “cooking” in the past months. In an interview with EE Times, Raja Koduri disclosed that his company is focusing on building “generational” data center architecture, which aims at focusing on both client and consumer applications. His company aims to harness the potential of AI and actually transmit it into major domains of the industry, to cater to the needs of every sector.

Raja Koduri revealed that the company’s resources are directed to form “three layers” of services, CPU computing for rendering applications, heterogeneous AI accelerators, and catering gaming workloads. This isn’t the exciting part here, since Koduri has disclosed that Mihira plans on focusing on “data center orchestration” by effectively managing workloads across the board. The company is apparently prioritizing building up its software resources, to a point that hardware implementation just gets more effective.

Raja Koduri’s experience at Intel will prove to be vital for the success of Mihira. The executive has revealed that his startup has already licensed Intel’s Project Endgame, which is a “unified services layer that harnesses computing resources” across all workloads. To top off, Koduri discloses that Mihira’s own IP resources will be targeted toward shaping up Project Endgame, and it could prove to be decisive for the company.

It’s a good starting point: There are some very interesting things we built there [at Intel],” he said. “It had to be real-time scheduling under certain constraints, which gives us some interesting advantages for serving AI models.

-Raja Koduri via EE Times

Raja Koduri’s aim with Mihira is to make AI accessible to anyone, especially for those who are into content generation. He believes that AI is the way to reduce the gap created by individual “skill sets”, along with providing adequate computing resources to those who are deprived of it.

Mihira infrastructure will give them access to state-of-the-art … ray-tracing GPUs, so they are not constrained by compute. AI models will also be available to them. If we can get access to compute and tools to everybody, there is so much talent to tap into

Koduri and Mihira’s ambitions are huge and targeted towards the future. The official has disclosed that the initial version of his company’s hardware and software resources are expected to debut by the end of this year, with expansion to the business community by next year.

News Source: EE Times

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