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MSI Brings 6 GHz+ One-Click Overclocking To Z790 & Z690 Motherboards, Enhanced APO Support Too

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MSI has extended its 6 GHz+ 1-click BIOS overclocking feature to a range of Z790 & Z690 series motherboards and further optimized APO support too.

6 GHz+ 1-Click Overclocking Now Supported By All MSI Z790 & Z690 Motherboards But Only Compatible With Intel’s Core i9-14900K CPU

Back in September, MSI introduced a new feature known as P-Core Beyond 6 GHz which allowed users to push their 14th Gen CPUs up to 6.3 GHz on a compatible motherboard. This feature was only limited to the new Z790 MAX motherboards at the time but since then, MSI has extended its support to Z790 and even Z690 motherboards.

Once again, the MSI “P-Core Beyond 6 GHz+” feature will be disabled by default but opening the tuning setting reveals a range of options that the user can select. The first clock speed is the maximum single-core frequency and the second clock speed is the maximum all-core frequency. The CPUs will be able to operate at up to 6.3 GHz single-core and up to 5.8 GHz all-core frequencies with the P-Core Beyond profile enabled.

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This feature will automatically adjust the CPU and Motherboard to hit the required power settings to achieve such high frequencies though auto-tuning could result in unnecessarily high voltages so this is only good for less experienced users. But still, if you think your motherboard is good enough to sustain such high clock speeds and you are all set with high-end cooling, then you can definitely try pushing your chip beyond 6 GHz. The feature only works with Intel’s Core i9-14900K CPU which is clocked at 6 GHz out of the box.

In addition to the 6 GHz+ BIOS feature, MSI is also adding optimized Intel APO functionality across its motherboard portfolio which includes the Z790, Z690, B760, B660, and H610 series. The APO feature has shown some great performance-boosting capabilities in games but unfortuniately, it supports just 14th Gen “Unlocked” CPUs which is kind of a bummer considering that the 14th Gen CPUs share the same architecture as the 13th Gen CPUs and are a slight revision over the 12th Gen chips.

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