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NCSOFT Shows Stunning Trailers for The Division-Like Shooter MMO and Interactive Narrative Game at G-Star 2023

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G-Star 2023 is now in full swing at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, running from today through this Sunday, and NCSOFT has a big presence there.

The upcoming PC and console MMORPG Throne and Liberty will be a major focus ahead of the planned December 7 South Korean launch (as a reminder, the game has been delayed to 2024 in Western countries). The MMORPG is playable on the showfloor, and the developers are planning to showcase new content on Saturday, November 18th, at 1 PM local time, including a solo dungeon, a six-player group dungeon, and a guild raid.

However, NCSOFT also took the opportunity to showcase two of its most promising projects once again: Project LLL and Project M.

The former is a third-person open world shooter MMO hybrid highly reminiscent of Massive’s The Division. A sci-fi game taking place in a devastated Seoul, Project LLL will feature a playable open world of more than 30 square kilometers connected through a seamless environment.

In the new gameplay trailer, we see the player character engaging various monstrous creatures (presumably transformed humans) with a variety of weaponry. The player character is also shown riding vehicles like a jeep and a helicopter, as well as entering a mech to lay down destruction.

Last year, NCSOFT said Project LLL would launch in 2024 for PC and consoles, though there haven’t been any release updates yet.

Project M, on the other hand, is an interactive narrative title clearly inspired by the games made by Quantic Dream. However, the new gameplay video shows actual crosshair, suggesting that there will be freeform action instead of just Quick Time Events (QTEs). Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Project M will utilize Lumen, Nanite, and MetaHuman to push the visuals. It is being made for PC and consoles, although there’s no concrete launch date yet.

NCSOFT also brought new trailers for the MMORTS Project G and the collectible RPG Project BSS to G-Star 2023. You can find them below.

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