Photographer Noah Kalina Has Shot a Selfie Every Day for 20 Years Now

Before photo-a-day selfie timelapses were a popular project, photographer Noah Kalina helped the concept explode into mainstream awareness with his viral 2006 video titled “everyday.” Kalina hasn’t stopped since, and his latest video features 20 years of his life passing in 8 minutes.

Kalina in January 2000 (left) and Kalina in January 2020 (right).

Kalina has faithfully photographed his face once a day starting from January 11th, 2000. The video includes 7,263 photos, and the project continues to be a work in progress.

The photographer’s YouTube channel now features three videos: the original 6-year video, the 12-year video released in 2012, and the latest 20-year timelapse.

You can find more of Kalina’s work on his website and Instagram.

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