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Pixel Watch gets December update: Synced DND & Bedtime Mode on first-gen, more features

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Pixel Watch owners rejoice! Starting today, Google is rolling out the December 2023 software update for all supported devices running Wear OS 4. This update brings a wave of exciting new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, making your smartwatch experience even better.

Announced also during the December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop, one of the most significant additions is the syncing of Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Modes between your Pixel phone and first-gen Pixel Watch. Just like Pixel Watch 2, you can now seamlessly switch between focused work sessions and restful sleep on both devices. This eliminates the need for manual toggling and ensures a consistent experience throughout your day.

The update also addresses an issue that plagued some Pixel Watch 2 users: image retention. This visual artifact, where faint remnants of previous screens lingered, has been finally fixed. Your watch’s display will now be crisp and clear, showcasing your watch faces and apps in their full glory.

Beyond bug fixes, the update expands the Pixel Watch‘s capabilities. You can now unlock your Pixel phone with your smartwatch when it’s nearby, adding a touch of futuristic convenience. Additionally, new features like Call Screen have recently landed on Pixel Watches, letting you screen calls and respond with quick messages directly from your wrist. Note that some of these new features appear to still be rolling out server-side and thus may not show up for you immediately after you update your device.

Additionally, the update brings a fresh batch of watch faces and complications for your first-gen Pixel Watch. Personalize your watch with unique styles and functionalities, making it a true extension of your personality.The December 2023 software update is rolling out in phases, so you might receive it over the next few weeks depending on your carrier and device. Keep an eye out for the notification on your watch, and don’t hesitate to update – your Pixel Watch will thank you for it.

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