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Red Dead Redemption Mod for PC Adds Native Mouse Aiming and Camera Movement Support Through Ryujinx

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A recently released Red Dead Redemption mod for the Ryujinx emulator on PC adds native support for mouse aiming and camera movement.

To date, Red Dead Redemption isn’t officially playable on PC. Many hoped that Rockstar would also release the recent console re-releases on PC, but this wasn’t the case. As such, those wanting to experience the first Red Dead installment on PC are forced (not literally) to play the game using either the older Xenia Xbox 360 emulator or the more recent Yuzu and Ryunjinx Switch emulators. Recent comparisons have shown that emulating the recent Switch version of the game using Ryujinx is the best way to experience this classic. Adding to this experience is the new Mouse Aim Control Injector mod for Ryujinx which allows PC players to control the game’s camera somewhat similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

According to the creator of this mod, it currently only works with Ryujinx, but a Yuzu version is being worked on as well. Not only that, but the modder is also working on a similar mod for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. PC players who want to experience the original Red Dead on PC might want to give this mod a try. Be sure to follow the provided installation instructions.

Red Dead Redemption is available globally now for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Of course, the original version of the 2010 classic is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar officially announced the re-release of the game back in August of this year. “Relive, or experience for the first time, the story of former outlaw John Marston in the events immediately following the critically acclaimed 2018 blockbuster Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption also includes Undead Nightmare, the hallowed story expansion that reimagines the world of Red Dead Redemption as Marston fights to survive a relentless zombie horde and searches for a cure in a spooky, supernatural twist on the Western genre.”

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