Safari Camp Uses ‘Crocodile Snap’ Photo Prank to Scare Tourists

Here’s a little comic relief for your Friday. In a recent video, the folks at Top End Safari Camp in Australia showed how they use one of their crocodiles to scare the daylights out of tourists while they pose for a group photo.

The video was captured by Josh Green and it doesn’t require much explanation. It was originally posted to the safari camp’s Instagram a couple of weeks ago, where it accumulated over 13,400 views and about 190 comments before being picked up by the local news in NYC and Storyful on YouTube.

In case you’re curious, the three-legged croc’s name is “Tripod” and the park assured local news channel ABC 7 that nobody was in any danger. They pose people in front of Tripod all the time; this time, they threw a piece of meat towards his mouth just as the group was told to pose by saying “1, 2, 3 Crocodile Snap.” You can probably guess what happened next.

Check out the video up top if you need a laugh this morning. And if you happen to visit Top End Safari Camp sometime in the future, maybe skip the photo op…

(via Shutterbug)

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