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Samsung Jet Bot+ self-emptying robot vacuum is $250 off right now

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Some robot vacuum deals will get you discounts on already affordable models, but some offers will let you enjoy savings on premium devices like the Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station. From an original price of $800, it’s now down to $550 from Best Buy, which is a steal price considering all of the features of this robot vacuum. You won’t always get the chance to buy this machine at $250 off though, and time is about to run out on this bargain. If you’re interested, you’ll need to buy it today.

Why you should buy the Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is capable of thoroughly cleaning your floors with its 200 Air Watts of suction power, and it automatically makes adjustments depending on the floor type that it detects. The robot vacuum will pick up all kinds of dirt and debris around your home, as it efficiently moves through the rooms using its LiDAR sensors that can create accurate maps for navigation. You can access these maps on Samsung’s SmartThings app, through which you can also choose where it will clean and the areas that it should avoid. The app will also show you where the Samsung Jet Bot+ has cleaned so that you can monitor its movements.

The Clean Station that comes with the Samsung Jet Bot+ is a convenient no-touch way of emptying the robot vacuum‘s dustbin, as it empties itself when it returns to it for charging or once its task is done. The Clean Station uses Air Pulse technology to remove dust, while a multi-layered filtration system makes sure that none of the particles escape.

If you’re willing to make a significant investment to help keep your home’s floors spotless, you’re going to want to take advantage of Best Buy’s offer for the Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station. A $250 discount brings its price down to $550 from $800, but only for a short while. There’s not much time left before its price returns to normal, and once it does, you may not get another chance to get it for cheaper than usual until the holiday season is over. Don’t think twice — push through with the transaction to secure your own Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station as soon as you can.

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