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Shop this last-minute PS5 console deal

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If you’re a fan of Sony and have waited to grab a PlayStation 5 until now, then you’re in luck because the Slim version was released recently, and it has a couple of nice upgrades going for it. While there aren’t any direct discounts on it, which is understandable given how new it is, you can actually get a free game thrown in. Right now, you can grab this PS5 bundle from Amazon that includes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for $499, which, when considering that’s the base price of the PS5, is essentially getting Spider-Man 2 for free. You can also grab the


Why you should buy the Slim PlayStation5 + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle

The new PlayStation 5 model doesn’t depart massively from the previous one, and for those of you who were hoping for a performance boost, we’re sad to say that’s not happening, so it’s not like the PS4 Pro. That said, it does have a couple of upgrades, such as being 30% smaller than the previous version, which is great for those who struggle with its size. Also, it does weigh 18% less at 3.2 kilograms compared to the previous version, which isn’t as big a deal but still nice given how bulky the PS5 is and how difficult it can get to handle. The only real internal spec upgrades on the Slim model are that it comes with 1TB of storage, rather than the previous 825GB, so it’s a small upgrade, but enough for an extra game or two.

As for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s a much bigger upgrade to the franchise. Probably the biggest change is the new travel system, which is a lot more fun and fluid, and really makes you feel like Spider-Man, and makes it a really fundamental part of the game. The story has also become a lot more nuanced and exciting, so if you’re a fan of narratively-driven games, you’re absolutely in luck and the same goes for the combat system, which feels meaty and impactful.

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Overall, this bundle is an excellent opportunity to grab the new PS5 Slim while getting an excellent game for free, all for a $499 price tag from Amazon. If you do end up grabbing this bundle, be sure to check out these other great PS5 deals for games and accessories.

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