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Supercell launches US beta for new game mo.co | Pocket Gamer.biz

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It’s been two weeks since Supercell announced mo.co, a new mobile game where players don their monster hunting caps and explore new worlds through portal-hopping.

Now, from today, through November 6, Android users in the US are able to beta test the game, joining founder characters Luna, Jax, and Manny – the leading adventurer, combat officer and engineer, respectively.

Supercell has invited players to dive into mo.co with a cheery introduction to these characters and a brief statement: “Join us, and take a leap into the unknown. Except, this unknown is full of monsters, dungeons… and things that can slay you almost instantly, but in a fun way!”

The reveal cycle

Supercell revealed mo.co in September with some initial details like its beautiful parallel worlds, loot and monsters. An October beta test was promised, which has now been delivered.

“It’s well known that Supercell believes games have the power to bring people around the world together,” Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananenenen said at the time. “So naturally, we believe investing in this type of discovery will take us to the next level. With portal technology infused in our games, players in our world (and others) will experience togetherness like never before!

“At our core, we believe the best teams make the best games, and in mo.co’s case, this still holds true… but in a monster-hunting business kind of way. Regardless, their founding team, made up of Luna, Jax and Manny, are a true reflection of what we value at Supercell: independence, accountability and innovation.”

Supercell is of course known for its mega-hit games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars; the Finnish studio is also famous for its high standards, and infamous for axeing games that don’t reach lofty targets. Floodrush is one such title to get the chop recently, but whether mo.co ends up joining it remains to be seen.

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