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T-Mobile has been awfully quiet about new affordable hotspot plan

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Usually, when T-Mobile introduces a new plan, you see the carrier promote it on its website but for some reason, the company did not say anything about a reasonably priced hotspot plan introduced not too long ago.
Brought to light by The Mobile ReportT-Mobile introduced a hotspot plan in August but not many people seem to be aware of it.
The plan costs $10 a month with autopay or $15 without and gets you 30GB of high speed. Once you use up all the data, the download speed will be reduced to 600kbps.

This is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD)-only plan and according to alleged internal documents, the plan is meant for devices like “Hotspots, connected laptops, or a Chromebook.” 

Both consumers and business accounts can sign up for the deal and it’s available for both accounts that are taxes excluded, such as Essentials, and taxes included, such as Magenta.

A voice line is not a pre-requisite so new customers who only want a data line can also subscribe to this plan. Basically, it’s a nice option for consumers who already have a device, especially when compared to plans offered by AT&T — which needs you to have a voice line for their 15GB $10/month hotspot plan —  and Verizon, which hasn’t made a voice line mandatory but offers a more expensive $90/month $100GB plan.

If you move to T-Mobile‘s new plan from another hotspot plan, you may lose benefits associated with that line. The plan is not price-locked, so T-Mobile is free to increase the price in the future.

For now, this sounds like an affordable plan for those who need another line but don’t need a lot of data or a voice line.

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