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The best early Black Friday TV deals under $300 right now

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Black Friday deals are all about TV sales. Super cheap TVs are synonymous with the shopping holiday. Thankfully Black Friday deals are starting earlier and earlier each year, so there are some options you can shop right now. Check out our absolute favorite TV deal, a solid option from Vizio, then keep reading for a list of some other great TVs under $300 right now. If you buy the TV before Black Friday, you can watch the Thanksgiving football games on your new TV.

The Best Black Friday TV deal under $300

People watching sports on the 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV.

Our favorite cheap TV in the early Black Friday TV deals is this 50-inch Vizio V-Series on sale for $248, down $71 from its regular price of $319. A quality 4K TV from a brand like Vizio for under $250 is nothing to snub your nose at. Let’s dig into some of its specs.

The V-Series is a solid budget option from Vizio, which is itself a budget TV brand. This Vizio is 4K UHD, so it gets up to 2160p, which is the standard for a 4K TV. It has a few modes that can elevate your viewing experience beyond average. For instance, it has HDR10 and a Dolby Brightness mode, which both enhance colors and brightness to make blockbuster action movies pop. It has a full array backlight, so you won’t have dark spots along the edges or in the middle of the screen.

The V-Series also has active pixel tuning thanks to its processor. The biggest advantage of a powerful processor is the ability to upscale old content. Want to watch old Seinfeld episodes or action movies made before 4K existed? Don’t worry, the TV will bring them up to 4K. If you’re into gaming, the V-Series is great thanks to its V-Gaming ability. This mode allows to you sync framerates with your console via AMD FreeSync, at it gets the TV’s response time down to 10ms. While 10ms isn’t gaming monitor levels, controlling your PS5 or Xbox Series X will feel snappy and responsive.

More Black Friday TV deals under $300 we like

Here are some other 4K TV deals under $300. There are some options from budget brands like Toshiba, TCl and onn., but there is even a 4K TV from Samsung on sale from super cheap.

  • 43-inch Toshiba C350 —

  • 43-inch TCL S4 —

  • 50-inch Samsung TU690T —

  • 65-ich onn. 4K TV —

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