The Best Galaxy S9 Cases and Covers

Released in 2018, Samsung’s flagship smartphone returned in the form of the Galaxy S9. Marketed as a premier Android device, the S9 boasts an enhanced camera, an all-new fingerprint scanner, and a 1440p Super AMOLED display.

The Galaxy S9 is built to last years, but to keep your S9 running strong, we suggest investing in a durable case that can strengthen your grip on this otherwise fragile and slippery smartphone. To help you find the right offering for you, we’ve rounded up a few of the better options on the market.

Samsung Alcantara Case ($35)

Samsung Alcantara Case

You won’t find another S9 case quite like this one from Samsung, which is made from light, soft, and durable Alcantara material. Alcantara feels and looks a bit like suede, but it’s actually made from a mix of polyester and polyurethane. It feels very comfortable in hand and enhances your grip, but it is prone to picking up dust and lint. The button covers are metallic and the fit is perfect, with unencumbered access to ports, the fingerprint sensor, and camera. This case won’t interfere with wireless charging or payments via Google or Samsung Pay. If you’re after a luxurious feel, it’s a good case to pick. The corners are covered so you should have some protection in the event of a drop, but this isn’t a rugged case, so keep looking if that’s a priority.


Catalyst Impact Protection Case ($40)

Catalyst case

A long time favorite among iPhone users, Catalyst has created its first protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S9. This rubber case is extremely durable and features a grippy design, making it easy to hold. It’s also able to handle drops of nearly 10-feet, thanks to its proprietary cushioning system. And the best part of all is the Catalyst case is slim and unobtrusive, insuring your phone maintains it naturally gorgeous form factor.


Caseology Parallax Series Case ($16)

Caseology Parallax Series Case

We think this stylish case from Caseology offers an interesting mix of textures, while also delivering a decent level of protection. It’s a dual-layer design with a standard TPU case that hugs your S9 and offers all the usual button covers and cutouts. There’s also a hard polycarbonate bumper in a contrasting color that goes around the outside. It has a raised lip at the top and bottom of the front to protect your screen. The slope into the fingerprint sensor is good, but the heart rate sensor is difficult to use with this case on. There are no issues with wireless charging, and this case comes in a variety of color combinations.


Spigen Liquid Crystal Case ($13)

Spigen Liquid Crystal case

With a flowery flourish, this lightweight TPU case will protect your Galaxy S9 from minor falls and bumps. There are air pockets in the corners, but this is also a thin case, so it’s not going to offer rugged protection. It’s transparent, with good openings for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and all ports, as well as tactile button covers. If you’re not keen on the flowers, you can get a plain clear version, sparkly variants, or a matte black case.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case ($20-$23)

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

Proving that you don’t need to spend big to get rugged drop protection, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle offers complete dual-layer coverage with a built-in screen protector. There are tactile button covers, port covers to keep dust out, accurate openings for the camera and fingerprint sensor, and ridged sides for enhanced grip. This case even comes with a holster and belt clip. It will safeguard your S9 from falls of up to 4 feet. The screen protector is the weak link for us — it’s too easily scuffed — and the flaps can be fiddly, but this case does offer a lot for the money. You can get it in black, blue, pink, or the pictured white.


Rhinoshield SolidSuit Case ($30-$35)

Rhinoshield SolidSuit Case

We’ve been fans of Rhinoshield’s CrashGuard Bumper ($25) for years now. It’s ideal if you want to add solid drop protection to your phone without covering it up. But the case maker has started to craft some other cases that are worth a look, and for the Galaxy S9, we’re recommending the SolidSuit case. This case offers impressive drop protection that has been fully tested up to 11 feet, so you can be confident that your S9 will survive drops unscathed. It’s also a slim, light case with accurate openings, tactile button covers, and a raised lip around the top and bottom of the screen. You can get a plain black one for $30 or pay an extra $5 for the carbon fiber finish.

Rhinoshield Amazon

Silk Q Card Case ($25)

Silk Q Card case

This versatile wallet case offers plenty of enticing features. The elasticated pouch on the back has space for three cards, so you can leave the wallet at home. The case extends above and below the screen to protect it and there are air pockets in the corners to take the sting out of impacts. We’re not particularly keen on the slim button covers or the recessed cutout on the back, which makes it a little more awkward to get at the fingerprint sensor. We love the rough texture on the outside because it really enhances grip, and the pocket is very handy. You can also prop your S9 up by using one of your cards as a kickstand — there’s a special groove it can slot into.

Silk Amazon

Carved Traveler Wood Case ($24-$55)

Carved Traveler Wood Case

If you’re looking for a blend of natural wood and gorgeous artwork, then you have to head over to Carved. You’ll find basic, durable black plastic cases with grippy sides fitted out with a stunning array of back panels crafted from real wood and painted or inlaid with eye-catching designs. You can opt for plain wood if you prefer, but there are lots of great designs worth considering. The fit of the case is good, and it will provide basic protection, though you’ll want to look elsewhere if drop protection is a top priority. These cases are really all about the style.


Noreve Tradition D Case ($46+)

Noreve Tradition D Case

Leather cases don’t get much more luxurious than this. Saint Tropez, France-based Noreve is an expert leather case maker that offers an extremely wide range of different leather finishes, colors, and other extras. The Tradition D is a folio-style case with a simple closure and generous openings for easy to access to everything from the camera to the volume buttons. It’s a padded case that feels good in the hand and offers all-around protection, but it does inevitably add some bulk to the svelte S9. Prices start at around $46 for fake leather and head toward $100 for special handcrafted finishes.


Ringke Wave Case ($15)

Ringke Wave Case

We love the look of these contoured cases from Ringke. They combine a flexible TPU shell that covers your S9 with a hard polycarbonate layer that covers the frame and lower portion of the back. You can expect decent drop protection for a typical fall from waist height and there’s a lip around the screen. The cutout for the fingerprint sensor makes it easy to use and the button covers are responsive. The stylish design comes in five different color combinations to match or contrast with the finish on your Galaxy S9.


UAG Plyo Case ($40)

UAG Plyo case

The Plyo series from Urban Armor Gear is a bit sleeker and more refined than its standard range. You still get an impact-resistant core and reinforced corners for good drop protection that meets military drop-test standards, but the main body is transparent and devoid of extraneous detail. Ridged edges enhance your grip, and the button covers are oversized to make them easy to find and press. There is also a surround above and below the screen to prevent it from touching surfaces. This case comes in four translucent colors and won’t interfere with Samsung Pay or wireless charging.

UAG Amazon

Scooch Wingman Case ($45)

Scooch Wingman Case

We like the clever design of this case, especially its versatile, curling kickstand on the back. You can curl it around your finger to hold your S9 securely, use it as a landscape or portrait stand, or insert it into the air vent in your car. The case itself has all the cutouts you need for easy access, tactile button covers, and reinforced sections top and bottom that cover the corners and guard against drop damage. Scooch also donates 10 percent of each purchase to programs that support victims of crime and domestic abuse.

Amazon Scooch

Otterbox Commuter Series Case ($40)

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

If you want decent dual-layer drop protection, then the Otterbox Commuter is worth checking out. It doesn’t provide the same level of protection as Otterbox’s top-of-the-line Defender case, but it’s also slimmed down by comparison. The soft inner layer absorbs shock and the hard outer shell deflects damage. You do also get port covers to keep dust out of your headphone jack and charging port. It comes in classic black or a two-tone blue/green scheme.

Otterbox Amazon

Mous Real Aramid Carbon Fiber Case ($60)

Mous Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case

This striking case from Mous combines a flexible TPU bumper with a polycarbonate back and a magnetic mounting system. The back plate to finish it off and give it a distinctive look is carbon fiber, but you can also get wood, leather, or a kind of marble effect finish. These svelte cases only add 2.3mm to your Galaxy S9’s profile. There are air pockets inside to ensure drop protection and each case ships with a screen protector.


Skech Polo Book Case ($40)

Skech Polo Book Case

For wallet case fans, the versatile Polo Book from Skech is going to tick a lot of boxes. The polyurethane cover has a leather-style finish in black, and there’s space for credit cards, an ID card, and some cash. There’s a magnetic clasp to hold the cover in place, and it can also bend back to act as a landscape stand. The slim polycarbonate shell case inside can be detached and, since it has a magnetic back, it works with magnetic docks.


Incipio DualPro Case ($30)

Incipio DualPro Case

If you’re worried about cracking that curved display, then this dual-layer case is a sound investment. This has been one of Incipio’s best-selling cases for a decade now — and with good reason. It covers the S9 from every angle, with a protective lip around the screen, tactile button covers, and generous openings for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and ports. It boasts an understated style in matte iridescent colors, including blue, lilac, and rusted gold.

Incipio Amazon

Speck Presidio Folio Case ($45)

Speck Presidio Folio Case

We’re big fans of Speck’s Presidio Grip case, but for the S9 we’re recommending this new Folio case. You get the same excellent drop protection for falls from up to 10 feet, and the cover provides complete coverage and also folds back to act as a landscape stand. Inside the cover, there’s a hidden slot that opens to reveal space for three cards. It’s durable, protective, and comes in black, red, or blue, all paired with gray.

Speck Amazon

Tech21 Evo Max Case ($45)

Tech21 Evo Max Case

With a three-layer protection system that offers drop protection from up to 14 feet, you can relax when your Galaxy S9 is wearing the Tech21 Evo Max case. The polycarbonate shell combines with Tech21’s proprietary Flexshock material to safeguard your Samsung smartphone. It’s a slim case considering the level of protection it offers, and it has all the cutouts you need for easy access. Aside from black, this case comes in a range of colors including Smokey Dahlia, Devine Blue, Orchid, and Poker Green.


Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case ($30)

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case

Leather is comfortable to hold and attractive, so it makes a good material for a phone case. These cases are crafted from quality Nubuck leather in a range of colors. The wallet-style design wraps around your S9 to offer complete protection. The cover has a secure magnetic clasp and can fold back to act as a landscape stand. You’ll also find three slots for credit cards and a larger pocket at the back.

Amazon Snakehive

Griffin Survivor Clear Case ($20)

Griffin Survivor Clear Case

When you buy a gorgeous phone like the Galaxy S9, you don’t want to conceal it, but you do need protection. A clear case can be a great compromise. This Griffin case is affordable, transparent, and offers solid drop protection from 4 feet, even on concrete. Military drop-test standards can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but Griffin is a name you can trust. This case has extra reinforcement around the frame to absorb impacts.

Griffin Amazon

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