The Best OnePlus 7T Cases to Protect Your Phone for One-plus Years

OnePlus updates its range twice every year, with the T-update landing in the later months. But you’d have to be a bit daft to think you need to update your OnePlus phone that often. The OnePlus 7T is the latest entry in the standard range, and it is a powerful flagship phone with gorgeous looks and a strong camera, offered for hundreds of dollars less than the competition. Look after it well, and there’s no reason why the OnePlus 7T shouldn’t last for years.

Of course, a big part of keeping a phone for a long time is keeping it safe from physical damage, and there’s no better way of doing that than with a protective case. But which case is the best one for you? There are a lot on offer, from thin clear cases, to large rugged covers. We’ve pawed through the cases on offer, and brought you some of the top options we’ve found. Here are some of the best OnePlus 7T cases to keep your phone safe.

Olixar Ultra-thin Clear Case

best oneplus 7t cases olixar

OnePlus seems to specialize in beautiful phones, and the OnePlus 7T is no exception. So there’s no judgement here if the idea of obscuring your phone behind a case makes you balk in horror. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Olixar’s ultra-thin case is completely clear, so there’s no barrier to your phone’s good looks. Of course, that means you sacrifice some protection, and this case won’t provide the same security as a bulkier case. But the TPU still provides decent enough everyday protection against bumps, and keeps dirt away from your OnePlus 7T. While not a case to take hiking, this is still a good choice.

Anccer Colorful Series Slim Hard Case

best oneplus 7t cases anccer

Soft TPU isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and if you like a thin but hard case, then check out Anccer’s latest in its Colorful Series. Made from hard polycarbonate, the case should hold up well against scratches and dirt, and the gravel-like finish should also mean it’s easier to grip. A slight rise around the camera protects that vulnerable area from harm, while the selection of colors allows you to pick a style that suits you. On the downside, the hard material won’t be very good at absorbing impacts, so it’s not really a case for the clumsy — but it’s thin, light, and comes in a delightful range of colors.

Lifeepro Leather-style Wallet Case

best oneplus 7t cases lifeepro

If you’re not a fan of carrying around a wallet or purse, as well as a phone, then a wallet case is right up your street. This wallet case comes with a number of card slots to keep some spare cash or your credit cards, meaning you can leave other accessories behind. It’s made from PU leather, which is tough, durable, and easy to keep clean — but it absolutely isn’t real leather, not at this price. The front cover folds over the screen when not in use, keeping it protected, and can fold behind the phone too, creating a kickstand for easy video watching. It’s a good price, and is perfect for adding a certain chic style to your phone.

Orzero Carbon Fiber-style Case

best oneplus 7t cases orzero

We love carbon fiber. It’s the material of the future — lightweight but extremely strong. It’s a favorite of sci-fi, and for that reason it’s often seen on cases. Well, carbon fiber-style anyway. While not the real thing, this case from Orzero does a good job of mimicking carbon fiber, with a carbon fiber-style cloth laid over hard polycarbonate and a softer TPU frame. The combination of materials means this case has good protection against a variety of threats, while the cloth feels nice in your hand. The edges are reinforced, while the camera lens is similarly elevated, protecting it from dirt and scratches. It’s expensive for a case like this, mind you, but the dual-layer protection is solid.

Feiteng Shockproof Protective Case

best oneplus 7t cases feiteng

We started this round-up with a clear case, so it’s only fitting we also end with one. Feiteng’s shockproof case doesn’t fit the bill for a clear case at first glance, thanks to the thick black bumper around the edge — but the hard polycarbonate back panel is totally clear, and allows your phone to shine through. That combination of materials is impressive, and offers protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and more. It’s relatively thin and lightweight for the protection it offers, and best of all, it’s not that expensive.

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