The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases to Protect Your $1,000 Phone

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a beautiful, feature-packed, powerful beast of a phone, but it needs proper protection. A good case or cover can reduce the risk of scratches or scuffs on your precious phone, while more protective options guard against drops, and ensure that impact damage doesn’t crack the glass or dent the metal frame.

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases to keep it in the same condition as when you first pulled it from the box.

Our Top Picks

Tech 21 Evo Check

The Evo Check combines antimicrobial technology with Tech 21’s FlexShock material to protect against 99.99% of microbes, as well as drops from as high as 12 feet. It’s a relatively slim TPU case with a more rigid (FlexShock) bumper around the sides, but it snaps onto the S10 Plus quite easily. We’re also fans of the design, from the flashy colors and pattern to the rigid, raised buttons which are easy to find thanks to the cutout which houses them. They are still a bit harder to press than if there was no case at all, but not painfully so.

Moment Photo Case

If photography is important to you, and it likely is if you own a Galaxy S10 Plus, then Moment’s Photo Case might be right up your alley. It’s more than just a case, doubling as a lens-attachment accessory for the S10 Plus’ triple-camera array. This case enables S10 owners to attach one of Moment’s proprietary lenses to either the regular or telephoto camera. The S10’s wide-angle camera can’t be paired with one of Moment’s lenses on this case, so don’t try to force it in.

It’s pretty simple to take the case on and off, as is attaching a lens — just line it up and twist it in to lock. The lens is relatively heavy, as it’s made out of metal and glass, but it feels secure when attached. In fact, the whole phone feels secure in this case. The edges create a thick bumper around the phone while the buttons are easy to find and press. The tactile feel is very similar to clicking the buttons without the case. It’s a good overall feel and a conservative look with either a wood or canvas insert. You can buy the case alone but adding a lens will cost upward of $100 extra.


Incipio Holden

Somewhere between clunky and thin lies Incipio’s Holden case — a good option for those looking for a case with style and some protection. The Holden case is a hard, but somewhat flexible, plastic case with a polymer bumper around the sides and a “fray-resistant” fabric back. Snapping on the case is easy enough and it looks great on the phone, achieving a rather understated look. The sides raise up over the S10 Plus’ edges just enough to create some separation when the phone is face down on a flat surface, and while the polymer bumper going around the case looks thin, it should still afford some shock absorption for drops.

The Holden has spacious, well-formed cutouts for ports, but does things a little differently when it comes to the buttons. Rather than creating protrusions, the button areas are marked with indents in the case which should help prevent errant button presses in your pocket. It can take some getting used to, as they’re rather small indents, but they work well for depressing the S10 Plus’ buttons underneath.


And The Rest

Incipio Aerolite

If you’re looking to ratchet up protection a bit but don’t like hard cases, the thicker TPU-based Incipio Aerolite could be a good option, but it does have its downsides — very poor button use. As mentioned, the Aerolite is a thick case, reinforced with a rubbery material called Forticore. These ribs line the inside of the case to help absorb shock from drops up to 11 feet high. The TPU material has a smooth matte finish and generally feels good in the hand until you try to click a button.

As with the Holden case, the Aerolite forgoes button protrusions for indents, and in this harder, thicker case the results are less than pleasing. Button depresses require some force and relay almost no feedback, making it a rather unpleasant experience. While protection is gained here, usability is lost.


Gear4 Chelsea film

If cases aren’t really your jive, then you have a number of skin options to choose from. Protective films like the Chelsea Tropical Vibe offer scratch protection with some trendy pizazz. These durable, easy-to-apply films aren’t so thick that you’ll have to worry about them peeling up from friction, and they still offer decent scratch protection.


Lifeproof Fre Waterproof Case

The Galaxy S10 Plus is well protected with Gorilla Glass and an IP68-rating for water-resistance, but it’s not a match for more extreme conditions. If you often find yourself in areas that could seriously damage your S10 Plus, then the Lifeproof Fre can help give you the peace of mind you need. It’s proven against drops up to 2 meters in height, offers two hours of submersion in water, and is sealed against damage from dirt, water, snow, and more. With a front screen cover it’s also protected from all angles. It’s certainly expensive, with prices starting at $90 — but keep it mind it’s cheaper than a new phone.


Burkley Magnetic Leather Wallet 2-in-1 Case

An outstanding phone deserves an outstanding case, and Burkley’s leather wallet cases offer some incredible protection and style. A polycarbonate shell with genuine Turkish leather clips onto your phone, while the leather cover wraps around your phone offering all-around protection. It closes magnetically, comes with a number of card slots on the inner pocket, and folds into a kickstand when needed. Best of all, the case shell separates from the wallet section when not needed, so you’re actually getting two cases at once, which goes a long way towards justifying the high price. Luxurious and protective, Burkey’s wallet case is a great choice.


Poetic Revolution Case

Protection doesn’t usually come cheap, but Poetic has been bucking that trend for a long time. The Revolution case offers a huge amount of protection for your phone, with a polycarbonate casing and back plate paired with a TPU lining and bumpers. It’s certainly on the thicker side, but gives enough protection that you might not mind. It also comes with a really cool kickstand, which gives you the ability to prop it in portrait or landscape mode, making it perfect for showing off any media or playing games. Like we’ve mentioned, it’s thick and it’s lacking in subtle style, but it’s still a bargain case nonetheless.


Otterbox Symmetry Clear Gradient Energy Case

Otterbox is well known for its protective cases, but they rarely look as good as this particular option. This case is a member of Otterbox’s Symmetry family, which means it comes with the strong drop protection and sleek style you’d expect from the range. It also comes with a cool green-to-purple “gradient energy” style that sets your phone apart from the rest. There’s a raised edge to protect the display and the camera lenses, and it’s so thin you might forget it’s there. Except for the awesome style that is. The $50 price may put off some people, but if you find it on offer it’s definitely worth snapping up.


BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case

If you want to protect your phone, but still want to be able to admire it (and there’s a lot to admire), then a clear case is what you need. This case from BodyGuardz allows you to show off your phone, but it does so while still offering a huge amount of protection. The Ace Pro case goes beyond the usual impact-absorption qualities of TPU by also including impact-resistant gel technology from athletics company Unequal — so you can be sure you’re getting a great level of protection. The transparent polycarbonate back helps to prevent scratches, while the raised bumper means fewer scratches on your screen and camera lenses. It’s on the expensive side, but can you put a price on protection?


Incipio DualPro Protective Case

Incipio claims the DualPro was the first dual-layer case, and with 10 years of history, it might be right. The DualPro is made from a scratch-resistant hard shell of polycarbonate plastic laid over a softer, shock-absorbing TPU core that wraps around your device and keeps it safe from sudden impacts. Incipio claims the DualPro is proof against drops from up to an amazing 10 feet, and offers military-grade protection. Stylistically, there’s not much to write home about, and if you want to stand out with your bold style, this probably isn’t the case for you. However, it comes in a variety of colors, including pink and a bolder red, and it offers pretty amazing drop protection. Definitely worth the price of admission.


Official Samsung LED View Case

Why not get your case from the same manufacturer as your phone? Samsung has always offered a great range of cases for its phones, and the Galaxy S10 Plus is no different. The Official Samsung LED View case provides all-around protection, thanks to its wallet case design that completely covers your device when not in use. Flip back the wallet cover and it switches your phone’s display on. Close it up, and your screen will lock automatically. There’s a slot for a credit card on the inside cover, and, best of all, the dot matrix retro design means you can see the time and your notifications, even when the cover is closed. It’s expensive, as official accessories tend to be, but it provides full protection and adds a useful feature for people on the move.

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Scooch Wingman

Cases aren’t just about protection; they’re about utility too. The Wingman’s unique selling point is found on the back side of the case — it’s a small flap that folds out to work as a horizontal or vertical stand, add a grippy handle, or even function as a car vent mount. If you’ve used a PopSocket before, it’s much the same, but built into your case. It’s not lacking in protection though — it’s made from shock-absorbing TPU, and it’s been tested on drops up to 6 feet, and uses EXO-D Impact technology to help protect your phone further. It’s on the expensive side, but if you love the utility factor, this is a great case.


Velvet Caviar Nude Vintage Case

The S10 Plus is a beautiful phone, but if you want to imprint your device with a different style that matches your own, then Velvet Caviar’s cases are a great choice. This Nude Vintage case from Velvet Caviar has a simple design, and uses impact-absorbing TPU to provide good protection against bumps, drops, and scratches. A bumper protects the outer edges of your phone, and a raised edge protects the camera lenses and display from hazards. But it’s the patterns that set this case apart, and we really like the vintage flower designs on show here. It’s protected with a matte finish that Velvet Caviar claims is totally protected from cracks and color fades. If you want more protection you can definitely do better, and it’s expensive — but it’s a great stylish case.

Velvet Caviar

VRS Designs Damda Glide Shield

Wallet cases don’t have to look like little books — instead, you can get a case like VRS Designs’ Damda Glide Shield, which provides space for two credit cards and doesn’t skimp on protection. It’s made from a polycarbonate hard shell that provides great protection from a variety of threats, while also being thin enough that it doesn’t add too much bulk. That space-saving is welcome too, as the card-carrying backpack does add a weird little bump to the bottom of the case. Still, it’s a handy little space with a semi-automatic opening mechanism and space for two credit cards — so you can leave your wallet at home if you’re just popping out. It’s not too expensive either.

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Olixar Mirror Wallet Case

Wallet cases are great for adding stylish protection to a phone, and that’s exactly what this case from Olixar does. It’s made from hard-wearing and durable PU leather, and thanks to the wrap-around design, it’s capable of protecting all of your phone, whether it’s in a bag or in your pocket. The front cover folds back behind your phone during use, and can even be folded into a horizontal stand if you want to watch some videos or take a video call. Best of all, it comes with a handy mirror on the inside cover, making it perfect for anyone who needs to check their look while out and about. If you’re not someone who generally needs a mirror often, maybe skip this one — adding more breakables to a case is not usually the way to go — but this will be a great and inexpensive addition for anyone who carries a mirror regularly.

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Kerf Wood Case

Most cases are made from TPU and polycarbonate, so a case made from another material always catches our eye. Kerf makes cases from wood, and if you’re looking for a striking style for your S10 Plus, then one of these wood cases is a great choice. It slides onto your phone, and comes with a premium Ultra Suede lining for safe phone nestling. The cases come in a variety of different responsibly-sourced hardwoods, including African Mahogany, Purpleheart, Walnut, and more. Even the buttons are made from wood. Unfortunately, the shock-absorbing qualities of wood are unlikely to be as good as a TPU case, and it’s expensive, with even the cheapest options starting at $79, but you can’t deny real wood makes an extremely attractive case.


Vena vArmor Holster Case

The Galaxy S10 Plus is a big investment, and no-one’s going to blame you if you want to keep it safe. If you’re looking for solid protection, look to Vena’s vArmor range. This holster case is made from hard polycarbonate paired with impact-absorbing TPU to provide protection against a variety of hazards. It meets military standards for drop protection, and comes with Cornerguard tech to increase that protection. This particular model also comes with a detachable holster and belt clip, so you can simply clip your phone onto your belt for much faster access. It’s on the expensive side, and has a style that not everyone will love, but the protective qualities are beyond doubt.


Ghostek Exec3 Wallet Case

Ghostek is well known for making waterproof protective cases, but it’s the Exec3 wallet case that’s caught our eye this time. It follows Ghostek’s usual dedication to extreme protection, using a combination of a shock-absorbing TPU frame with a hard, scratch-resistance PC backplate to provide great protection. That protection extends around the front too, with a front cover that includes a stretchable card pocket to fit up to three payment cards. That front cover doesn’t extend all the way up the screen though, so you’re leaving the top section unprotected, but that allows you to see the phone’s Always-On display, so it’s forgiveable.

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i-Blason Ares Tough Case

We’ve covered a lot of cases with extra utility options, but this i-Blason case is all about protection. The Ares case promises military-grade protection, and uses a dual-layer design of TPU and PC to achieve this. Reinforced corners offer improved drop-resistance, and raised edges and bezels stop your screen and camera lenses from resting on potentially hazardous surfaces. There’s a front cover that clips onto the case, giving complete all-around protection, and it’s compatible with Qi wireless charging too. On the downside, though it’s sleeker than some cases, it still adds some additional height and width onto an already large device, so this might be one to avoid if your S10 Plus is already looking a little large, or if you simply want to preserve the sleek look.

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