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The incredible Pixel 7 has been discounted to an enticing price

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Today is officially the day to decide if you want to get a good deal on one of the best phones available in 2023 and if you are confused, the Google’s Pixel 7 should definitely be on your radar.

The Pixel 7 is an impressive smartphone with remarkable cameras, an uncluttered interface, and reliable performance.

You get a 6.3-inch screen with an above average-refresh rate of 90Hz. It’s powered by the Google Tensor G2, a chip built from the ground up for better integration with other components, leading to enhanced performance.

The chip has AI at the heart of it, enabling camera features such as cleaning up blurry photos and better speech recognition.

The dual camera system takes outstanding photos that can easily put many newer and pricier phones to shame.

The Pixel 7 starts at $599 for the 128GB model but Best Buy has knocked its price down by $150, so you can get it for only $449. Amazon has also shaved the 256GB model’s price by $150, so you can get it for much less than its usual $699 price.
The Pixel 7 provides the perfect balance between budget, camera chops, and performance. It will perform most tasks without any hiccups. Don’t let spec-by-spec comparisons deceive you as in daily use, the phone is about as good as the Galaxy S23 and the iPhone 15, both of which are more expensive.

Google has also put a huge emphasis on design and the phone’s horizontal camera bar gives it a distinct identity in a sea of phones that look mostly the same.

Pick up the phone if you want a decent smartphone without splashing too much cash. The phone has four years of software support left.

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