The Photographer’s Ephemeris Adds User-Friendly Location Tagging with ‘what3words’ Support

The Photographer’s Ephemeris—one of the most popular location scouting apps on the market—has just added support for a user-friendly type of location tagging called “what3words.” The update should make it easier for landscape and outdoor photographers to save and share their exact photo location no matter where on Earth they’re shooting from.

What3words is a “geocode system” that’s meant to be very precise without being as confusing or difficult to use as latitude & longitude. Instead of coordinates made up of two numbers that go all the way to six decimal places, what3words has assigned a unique 3-word code to every 3m x 3m square of the Earth.

So every 10-square-feet of surface area on our planet has an “address” that is made up of three random words—i.e. Energetic.Emotional.Subway—which is ostensibly much more user-friendly than GPS coordinates, without losing a ton of precision. And as of Tuesday, you can look up and save locations in TPE app using this three-word address:

The update went live two days ago on both the iOS and Android versions of TPE. Now, you can either enter the what3words address and get a pin, or enter the latitude and longitude and see the what3words address for that location. And for those people outside the US, it’s worth noting that what3words supports a total of 40 languages, with “more on the way.”

“Sometimes moving 10 feet to the left makes the difference between a haphazard snap and a great photograph,” reads the announcement by TPE. “Having an easy way to communicate the right spot is a real benefit.”

To learn more about this new feature and how it might help you better scout and plan for your photo shoots off the beaten path, head over to The Photographers Ephemeris website.

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