The Price of a Flickr Pro Subscription is Going Up Starting Today

Flickr just sent an email to all of its members announcing that—as mentioned in CEO Don MacAskill’s recent open letter—the price of Flickr Pro is officially going up. The price hike will help Flickr’s parent company SmugMug keep the photo sharing platform alive as they continue to improve the service and (hopefully) add more paying members.

This news should come as no surprise to anybody who read MacAskill’s letter last month. The plea for new Flickr Pro subscribers made it clear that prices would soon go up, because “we intend to keep investing in making [Flickr] even better, but it cannot continue to operate at a loss.”

To that end, effective today, the price of a Flickr Pro membership has increased to:

  • 1 month: $6.99, plus tax
  • 3 month: $18.99, plus tax
  • 1 year: $59.99, plus tax
  • 2 year: $117.99, plus tax

You can read the full email below or by clicking here:

Current Flickr Pro members will have the opportunity to extend their Pro membership at the current pricing at this link. As explained in the email, monthly subscribers can lock in a one or two-year term at the 2019 rate, annual subscribers with a renewal date prior to July 1 can add two years, and all other Pro subscribers can add a one or two year term.

However, after that extension expires, everyone will be paying the same higher prices.

To learn more about this change, read the full email at this link. Unfortunately, this means that non-Pro members have missed their chance to lock in the more affordable pricing, but if you’re a Pro member looking to renew, this’ll be your last chance to do so without incurring an additional charge.

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