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The S25 Ultra could be a beast

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  • A leaker has posted an apparent camera roadmap for the Galaxy S Ultra phones.
  • The Galaxy S25 Ultra in particular could get a host of upgrades, including a variable telephoto camera.
  • We’d still take these leaks with a pinch of salt given that two of these phones are over a year away.

We’ve already seen a variety of Samsung Galaxy S24 series leaks ahead of the expected launch next month. Now, a leaker has made some interesting claims regarding the camera specs of future Galaxy Ultra models.

X tipster Revegnus issued a camera roadmap of sorts for the Galaxy Ultra phones, going all the way to 2026’s Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra.

Apparent Samsung Galaxy S Ultra camera details via Revegnus.

Starting with next year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, the leaker asserts that the phone will come with a 50MP folded telephoto camera. They didn’t specify the zoom factor, though, which has been a point of contention in recent months. Various leaks and reports point to the phone having either a 3x 50MP camera or a 5x 50MP camera.

S25 Ultra to get the biggest camera upgrades?

Moving on to 2025’s Galaxy S25 Ultra, Revegnus claims that the phone will get a folded telephoto camera with “variable capabilities.” This presumably means that this telephoto camera will have variable zoom. This would be a major upgrade, allowing for consistently high image quality at a variety of zoom factors.

Samsung wouldn’t be the first to offer this feature on a conventional phone, as Sony’s Xperia phones have had variable telephoto cameras for a couple of years now. Sony’s camera ranges from 3.5x to 5.2x, but we hope Samsung’s apparent variable telephoto camera is able to cover a wider zoom range.

Otherwise, Revegnus adds the S25 Ultra will also get an upgraded main camera (specific upgrades weren’t mentioned) and a 50MP ultrawide camera. A 50MP sensor could be a solid upgrade for ultrawide snaps, allowing Samsung to use pixel-binning for clear and bright low-light snaps. A 50MP sensor would also enable 8K recording via the ultrawide camera, even with digital stabilization.

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Finally, the leaker asserted that 2026’s Galaxy S26 Ultra will gain an upgraded 200MP main camera. This sensor is said to be 1/1.10-inch in size and feature 0.7-micron pixels. By comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra packs a 200MP main shooter with a 1/1.3-inch sensor size and 0.6-micron pixels. This should deliver a small gain in light-gathering capability and therefore image quality, assuming everything else is the same.

Nevertheless, we’d recommend that you take the Galaxy S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra claims in particular with a dose of salt. These phones are still a long way away, and specs could easily change between now and launch time. After all, this same source noted in April that the Galaxy S24 Ultra would gain a 3x-10x variable telephoto camera before rescinding these claims a few months later.

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