This Adapter Lets You Use Power Tool Batteries to Power Your Camera Gear

Kessler has unveiled a strange new gadget that might end up being extremely useful. It’s called the Mag Max 3A, and it’s an adapter that lets you power your cameras, lighting, and audio equipment using DeWalt’s extremely common and “MAX and FlexVolt” power tool batteries.

It’s tempting to see the Mag Max 3A as a solution in search of a problem, and while only time will tell if this is the case, we are extremely intrigued by this handy adapter.

“Mag Max 3A is a 3 amp battery adapter that powers DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, audio recorders, LED lights, monitors and accessories via one of the most common, and rugged batteries on the market— the DeWalt MAX and FlexVolt Lithium-Ion battery line,” explains Kessler. “It will even charge your cellphone or other USB powered devices.”

And that about sums it up. When you find yourself needing more power than the little batteries in your camera can provide, but you’re not near an outlet or don’t have an AC adapter, the Mag Max 3A will let you use power tool batteries that can be found at any hardware store, if you don’t already have a few lying around you garage.

The Mag Max 3A works with all DeWalt 20v Max and 20v/60v FlexVolt batteries (or 18v Max and 18v/54v FlexVolt batteries outside of North and South America). The idea being that you can find these batteries “in almost every town and city around the world,” giving you peace of mind on-location or even enabling you to leave some of your batteries behind.

The adapter is made from high grade aluminum right in the US of A, and includes several mounting options, including “multiple ¼”-20, and 3/8”-16 tapped and passthrough holes, strong neodymium magnets imbedded in the bottom plate, [and] optional accessories such as a belt clip, Gold Mount stud kit, and v-mount wedge lock kit.”

Power connections include 5V USB, regulated 14.4v 3A P-Tap, LEMO 2 pin, and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack.

To learn more about the Mag Max 3A, head over to the Kessler website. The adapter is available to purchase today for a special launch price of $200; once it goes up to full MSRP you’ll have to pay $250, so if you’re interested it’s probably wise to act fast.

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