This Lens Cap Has a Temperature and Humidity Meter to Prevent Fungus

Here’s one of the strangest looking rear lens caps we ever did see. The Japanese camera accessory company UN has created a cap that has a temperature and humidity meter built in to help you take perfect care of your glass.

Storing your camera lenses in a hot and humid environment allows fungus to grow on the glass elements and damage your equipment. If you want to make sure your lenses are constantly cool and dry, this rear cap was made for you.

Called the UNX-8595, the 1.2oz (34.5g) cap is designed for Micro Four Thirds lenses and features a thermo-hygrometer that doesn’t require a battery to function. While compact, it’s about twice the thickness of a standard M4/3 rear cap.

DC.Watch got its hands on a unit and published a hands-on review (here’s the Google-translated article) with a selection of photos of the cap.

If you’re interested in buying one yourself, it costs ¥1,980 (~$18) and is available directly through the UN online store.

(via DC.Watch via 43 Rumors)

Image credits: Header photo by DC.Watch

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